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May 09, 2006


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» Ayaan Hirsi Ali Live Report from Solomonia
I'm jealous. Miss Kelly attended Ayaan Hirsi Ali's talk at Harvard this afternoon and has a report (and an autographed book). Questioners were hostile (and clueless, apparently). Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "I Really Wonder What You Are Doing Here at Harvard"... [Read More]

» Like a woman scorned from sisu
Like the other fearless members of the fair sex she mini-profiles in her latest podcast at Hot Air, Michelle Malkin (above right) is just one of many prominent women telling the truth about Islam.[Ayaan Hirsi] Ali's heroism should be known [Read More]

» HIRSI ALI AT HARVARD from Peaktalk
Hirsi Ali’s appearance at Harvard's JFK School of Government today triggered the necessary media attention and that started earlier today with a Michelle Malkin vlog, honoring the group of brave women that are challenging radical Islam. Later today, Eu... [Read More]

» Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Harvard from Kesher Talk
Two reports from Hirsi Ali's talk at the Harvard JFK School of Government this afternoon: Ms Kelly and Michael S. The format and content of her presentation are similar to what she did at the PEN Festival. Apparently most... [Read More]

» Aayan Hirsi Ali - Courage and Grace from Blue Star Chronicles
It is encouraging to me that there is still people in the world who have courage in the face of real danger. She is a hero. And Hirsi Ali seems to do all this with grace and dignity. The danger we face is all too real. We, in the West, need to listen... [Read More]

» Why Are You Here? from Riehl World View
A reasonable question when reasonableness confronts any radical or, perhaps not thoughtful theological view. Definitely worth the brief read.The QA afterwards demonstrated the forces that Ayaan is working against. Most questions were to her were fairly... [Read More]

» Destroying The Attitude Of Denial, One Speech At A Time from Ed Driscoll.com
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a staggeringly brave member of the Dutch Parliament, and one of Time's 2005 "World's Most Influential Leaders" spoke at Harvard today. Blogger Miss Kelly has filed a great report:One business school student (Muslim male) asked "If Isla... [Read More]

» "I would make a Muslim 'Life of Brian'." -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Jeremayakovka
Miss Kelly was there, and makes you wish you were there, too. [Read More]

» Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks At Harvard from Myopic Thoughts
Miss Kelly has an excellent report on the event. [Read More]

» Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Roger Houston
Please note that I typed out my notes as quickly as I could, attempting to comply with security's request that no recording devices be used and that everything was "strictly off-the-record". Everything here is as accurate as I could get [Read More]

» Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Harvard from Kesher Talk
Two reports from Hirsi Ali's talk at the Harvard JFK School of Government this afternoon: Ms Kelly and Michael S. The format and content of her presentation are similar to what she did at the PEN Festival. Apparently most... [Read More]

» AAYAN HIRSI ALI AT HARVARD from Michelle Malkin
***update: we've got audio of Ali's Harvard remarks at Hot Air...Charles Johnson gets a shout from Ali plus a first-hand account...Miss Kelly was also in attendance*** Reader Michael S. writes in: I just went to Hirshi Ali's presentation at the... [Read More]

» Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaking At Harvard from Liberty and Justice
asking those questions are obviously afraid to start any debate about Islam. I call them the extremist appologizers - they find all kinds of reasons to not have a debate about Islam and thus make life easier for extremist muslims. It is great to see ... [Read More]

» Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks at Harvard from Environmental Republican
Muslims choose to not hear Miss Ali because she is an apostate (see Wafa Sultan on al-Jazeera). They can't stomach a former Muslim taking an outsiders view on Islam and not liking what she sees. They are further incensed because Miss Ali is a woman. [Read More]

» Bravery in the Face of Islamofascism from chez Diva
Aayan Hirsi Ali (born 13 November 1969 in Mogadishu, Somalia) is a Dutch human rights leader, feminist, and a member of the Dutch Parliament for the liberal party. She is a prominent and often controversial spokesperson, author, film maker and critic o... [Read More]

» The Decline and Fall of Europe from We Should Live - Ben Bateman
Mark Steyn pulls no punches in his most recent article about Europes apparently irreversible decline: To those on the American left who find Europe more “sophisticated”, you’re right: it’s sophisticated in the sense that a belle époque ... [Read More]

» The Dutch Code Of Honor from All Things Beautiful
The United States Government should immediately and unreservedly show their support for this courageous woman and offer her asylum and U.S. citizenship. "Such a move would let the world know, yet again, who stands for universal individual rights, and w... [Read More]


Sissy Willis

Thank you so much. Excellent report. I hope you send a link to Instapundit for a larger audience. Yours is only the second report -- the first was linked at Michelle Malkin's -- I've seen so far. Maybe ought to send Michelle a link, too.


This is a wonderful report... thank you so much for sharing it!

Mike Nargizian

Misskelly -

I was going to drive to Boston today but found out the later event was closed to the public. I only found out about this event today. You can imagine how pissed I was.


You described her as sleight - was she tall?

Was she attractive and well spoken in person?

Did she get a lot of approving questions and support from the audience as well?

Will she speaking again anywhere tomorrow?

How were the non Muslim professors and Grad Students? Were they the majority?

Any and all further details are VERY much appreciated.


Posted and linked to you here.

Mike (scorekeeper)

sigmund, carl and alfred

Excellent post.

The real incongruity lies in the fact that there is a spectacular effort exerted to deny evident reality.

As you (via Ali's remarks) point out, there is clear and ample evidence that the current Islamic cultural momentum does not favor women- or the west.


Thanks for the report. You've rendered a public service.


Miss Kelly! I was right behind you and I had no idea! I was with the thug contingent. Great reporting!


Hello Nuclear Tinkerbell, I was very glad for the thug contingent. Gotta love those square jaws. Your blog was excellent, very detailed, and conveyed much of the emotions of the event. I agree, there was a sadness in Ayaan. But what patience and resolve!


In this video from August 2005 I´ve uploaded, she answers some of the questions above.

In the following video she talks about integration (note the difference between muslim integration and integration of islam), the movie "Submission" which lead to the savage killing of its director Theo van Gogh and how she still feels guilty about it.


Radical islam is a danger for the whole world and according to Hirsi Ali, it´s about time calling the problems by their name.


Superb post, Miss K.

Sissy Willis

Check out this excellent and biting letter to the editor of the online Harvard Crimson from Eric Weinberger:


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