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April 12, 2008


Sissy Willis

Yah, yah, yah. How behind the times she and her ilk are. First time?

Judge Rufus Peckham

She's hit the nail on the head. I like her.


Wasn't she terrific!. I especially liked her rant against the "ghettoized fiefdom" of gender studies programs calling for a massive rollback of the grievance committees that act as nothing more special pleading by dour women. If there's a crime, call the police. Otherwise grievance committees invite abuse as well as the infantilization of women demanding special protection.

Sissy Willis

I like what she says, but she's a liberal. Nobody listens until a liberal says what we've been saying from day one. Sigh.

Ana Sullivan

Hello, I was wondering if you had the chance to get the audio of Camille's speech?
I would be interested in listening to it, since I am currently researching about her for my Philosophies of Art class..


Ana, please send me your e-mail and I'll send you a copy of the audio file. I'm tech-challenged to post it on my blog. e-mail:[email protected]

nilda zoraya

Please, Kelly, could I also have a copy of the audio file on Camille Paglia's speech at Harvard's Feminism Forum in 2008? Thanks!

Account Deleted

I really liked her character
she has individuality and a good character so i liked her very much thanks for the blog thank u very much..... :)

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