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May 09, 2006



Is she there telling her lies or atlast the truth??

She have never been moslim and never have been married or her brother and mother are the biggest liars ...


M Burton

Here is a site featuring Miss Ali and lots of other anti-islam activists

M Burton


Suhail Shafi

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extraordinarily talented liar who fabricated her entire life story about civil wars she did'nt see, poverty she did not experience, a ``forced'' marriage she never fled and a whole slew of incedibly bigoted ideas about Islam that although sweetened the pot for many xenophobic audiences, was not shared by the vast majority of Muslim women in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

Take a look at the following video in order to fully appreciate the extent of her deceit -


miss kelly

Subhail, I lasted about 15 into that video, and didn't see anything that makes Hirsi Ali an "extraordinary liar." She's already admitted to lying about some aspects of her asylum. I didn't see any other "smoking guns" in the video. It was too dull to sit through any more than 15 minutes. Sounds like the video makers had an axe to grind, and apparently so do you.

She lived in several Muslim countries for many years, and she attended a Muslim girls' school. She knows what she's talking about. You don't like her attitude? Too bad. Hirsi Ali is a brave and innovative thinker. You don't like that she criticizes Islam. Other religions are criticized plenty, and deservedly so, but you can't deal with someone criticizing your religion.

Sorry, you don't get any more comments here. I've seen enough pointless comments from you at other blogs.

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