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May 09, 2006


Sissy Willis

Thank you so much. Excellent report. I hope you send a link to Instapundit for a larger audience. Yours is only the second report -- the first was linked at Michelle Malkin's -- I've seen so far. Maybe ought to send Michelle a link, too.


This is a wonderful report... thank you so much for sharing it!

Mike Nargizian

Misskelly -

I was going to drive to Boston today but found out the later event was closed to the public. I only found out about this event today. You can imagine how pissed I was.


You described her as sleight - was she tall?

Was she attractive and well spoken in person?

Did she get a lot of approving questions and support from the audience as well?

Will she speaking again anywhere tomorrow?

How were the non Muslim professors and Grad Students? Were they the majority?

Any and all further details are VERY much appreciated.


Posted and linked to you here.

Mike (scorekeeper)

sigmund, carl and alfred

Excellent post.

The real incongruity lies in the fact that there is a spectacular effort exerted to deny evident reality.

As you (via Ali's remarks) point out, there is clear and ample evidence that the current Islamic cultural momentum does not favor women- or the west.


Thanks for the report. You've rendered a public service.


Miss Kelly! I was right behind you and I had no idea! I was with the thug contingent. Great reporting!


Hello Nuclear Tinkerbell, I was very glad for the thug contingent. Gotta love those square jaws. Your blog was excellent, very detailed, and conveyed much of the emotions of the event. I agree, there was a sadness in Ayaan. But what patience and resolve!


In this video from August 2005 I´ve uploaded, she answers some of the questions above.

In the following video she talks about integration (note the difference between muslim integration and integration of islam), the movie "Submission" which lead to the savage killing of its director Theo van Gogh and how she still feels guilty about it.


Radical islam is a danger for the whole world and according to Hirsi Ali, it´s about time calling the problems by their name.


Superb post, Miss K.

Sissy Willis

Check out this excellent and biting letter to the editor of the online Harvard Crimson from Eric Weinberger:


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