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April 26, 2006


Sissy Willis

Thank you for attending -- and reporting -- so that I didn't have to. :)


First of all, its Frank Tipton, not Tifton (nice reporting! Did you read the program?), and Mr. Braile was there because he was an English teacher at PA at the time, and it was a PA event. Not too hard to understand. Try to be a little more pretentious and biased the next time you write an article.

Miss Kelly

Thanks, name correction noted.

Well, Jenny (former PA student? PA staff member?), you call me names, but you don't challenge or refute anything I said above. Is that your idea of debate and discourse? You simply call someone you disagree with "pretentious and biased" and call it a day?? You can do better than that, Jenny, can't you?

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