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April 21, 2010



OK, let's see what we've got here: one guy advocating for what can never happen because Islam doesn't recognize any separation between mosque and government (shariah, anybody?); two Muslims doing their dawa with taqiyya and kitman; and the most predictable Christianity-basher at the Boston Glib. Yep, that'll proving enlightening; might even pick up one or two "reverts" for the "faith" in the audience. Pity no one had the common sense and patriotism to invite, oh say, Walid Phares, Wafi Sultan or Robert Spencer, just to add some facts and balance.

Miss Kelly

Winona, thanks for the comment. Agreed, the dsicussion would have been way more interesting if Wafa Sultan or Nonie Darwish was invited instead of Eltahaway.

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A world renown professor of Comparative Literature at Columbia University, Said wrote a highly influential, paradigm shifting book Orientalism [at Amazon.com], which deals with Euro-American imperialism and its distorting influence on the writings of Western scholars about non-Western cultures. Subsequently Said wrote Covering Islam [at Amazon.com], which focuses on how Euro-American scholars and journalists slant what they write about Islam


Maternity nursing gowns: Honey, you are WAAAAAY out in left-field over Said whose dire influence is partly what has produced so much drivel about Islam, along the lines of 'religion of peace hijacked by an itsy-bitsy minority misunderstanding it...' If you want the real deal, look no further than Islam's conquering imperialism ever since Mohammed started out as a warlord and built up his Arabian empire. Western imperialism actually civilized a lot of the globe and did far more good than harm. Islam has been a disaster for every country and people who have been enslaved under it and its sharia.

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