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February 09, 2010



I must say I am not happy about the verdict. I disagree and something that most people forget, is that she was never on trial for terrorism but for alleged assault and attempted killing of U.S. agents.

I followed the case intensively and some questions remain. Many. But the main factor was the lack of forenisic evidence and any concrete proof of the alleged assault.

Also when I see her state, physical and mental, I am distraught.

Irrespective of what a person has done or not done, human rights must not be neglected, which they were in this case.

The bias is often strong I find, on both sides. Majority of muslims assume she is innocent because she is a muslim mother while some object to the lack of evidence. Others think she is a terrorist. And many are using it to justify their inate hate of the U.S and all things americans or western. But fact remains we had little facts and the facts we have do not really match the crime. Her family cries daily rape, whereas none of this has been confirmed by anybody. The speculation and conspiracy theories are many.

To me her case makes little sense and the various (at times conflicting) accounts are complicating matters.

I think our outbursts and anti-semitic, anti-western, anti-U.S statements can be ascribed to her mental state. Prior to disappearing in 2003, she infact wanted to come to the U.S. because options were better. Anybody even remotely aware of Pakistan and its culture and gender inequality issues, will know why. From my understanding of her colleagues/ex-fellowstudents/professors, she was intelligent and excelled in her field requiring challenges which Pakistan could not give her.

That said, I don't object to prosecuting people who are criminal but with their basic human rights intact.

The questions are too pressing and many for this verdict to be even remotely acceptable.

Another question that eats away is the fate of her 2 kids. I suspect both are either killed off or in prisoner somewhere. And the latter would be pure hell.

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