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January 07, 2010



So glad to read that you are working for Scott Brown. He has surrounded himself with many good people.

BNest wishes for the new year!

Sissy Willis

You go, girl! Me too as far as phone banking and getting my feet wet for the first time. Till now it was just yelling at the TV, the occasional letter to the editor and ranting at the blog. Exciting times. : )

Pamela Gatch

We must get back to our American Roots in this country. Martha Coakley is out of touch with the American people. The Kennedys have run this country too long. This is what is wrong with this nation. Too many cronies in Washington. The people neeed to put a limit on how long Senators can hold their position! Let's start by getting rid of Coakley and start NEW with Brown.


Good article...and I thought it was only me that felt this way. We don't have royalty in this country; fought a war to prove this; so we don't need any more poseurs (sp. not too good) but you know what I mean. Go Scott!


ugh this makes me queasy. people begrudge obama for not getting anything done, and then they throw monkey wrenches in his efforts to reform every chance they get. all this whining about political dynasties is, to me, secondary. how can we make progress when we change our minds about what progress we want whenever our bank accounts dwindle or things don't change overnight?

and i admit, coakley wasn't awesome. also the special election rule change in 04 by the dems was pulling a fast one. i admit that. but come on. can we take the long view for once on this? brown will help to sink health care. massachusetts already has stellar state-sponsored health care. can we get that in the rest of the country, too? is that too much to ask?

too late now though. you got your way. i hope it works out like you imagined. something tells me it won't.


Aaron, quit spamming my blog - MK


Aaron, please stop spamming my blog. Surely you have better things to do with your time and energy.

Hmmm....maybe not...... Too bad for you!

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