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March 19, 2009



MissKelly, I just saw this on FreeRepublic:
There will be a tea party on 3/27/09 and on the following Friday at 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Veteran’s Park next to Friendly’s restaurant. I’m sure they will be small,but this is a starting point and should spark curiosity in the public. All are welcome, we ask that any signs not attack any individual.


Sorry, that tea party on 3/27 is in Ware, MA


Hoping for a GREAT INSPIRATIONAL TEA-PARTY in Lowell on April 15th! I hope that elected officials will NOT be invited,... as they really should go and find "their-own" revolution. Happy Cambodian New Year to all!! God Bless America!!!

John Brotchie

I think all of these demonstrations are vital to the future of this country.

HOWEVER . . . I also think that if we really want to effect change QUICKLY, demonstrations should be organized outside the homes of the politicians.

I'm urging everyone whom I can contact to plan this venue for future demonstrations.

We all saw how this tactic (employed by ACORN and its gimme-gimme gang of extortionists) caught the world media's attention when it was used against the executives of AIG as bus tours roamed through the their neighborhoods!

Imagine how fast the Washington Windbags would change their tone when their neighbors and spouses had to contend with a very vocal crowd of angry taxpayers marching - peacefully, of course - in front of their homes!!!!!

I think that, like the president, we need to learn about and use the "organizing" tactics of Saul Alinsky. Hmmmm ... does that sound like the time-worn advice of: "Fight Fire with Fire" ? So be it.


HI there.. do you know who organized the one in LOWELL and if they are still doing it like we are in NH?

Please get back to me if you know this info.

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