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January 22, 2009



Why are Americans so cynical about their own education system?? I find this very troubling!

People need to think on their own, and no matter if school or community - the decision on what is true or not shouldn't be prescribed by either, and should be the conclusion of the person thinking.

crazy earopean SOCIALIST that cares about truth (AKA the facts)

Those aren't lies, the true lies are told by medved and people like him. the only lie on that list is that america is 'uniquely' guilty of slavery and the only part about that that's a lie is uniquely. I never fail to be astonished by how americain 'patriots' feel the need to either rationalize the flaws of their country, or just blatantly lie about it. this is the worst kind of propaganda, spreading ignorance (and especially advising it to children! by god that is immoral) through revisionist history.

this book disgusts me... and virtually every point he makes can easily be refuted

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