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January 19, 2009



HORRIBLE! This is not a Christian issue, this is a moral issue. A wisdom issue. A lack of intelligence. I understand one's passion toward faith, but it's the reason "they" don't listen to us. If athiests were calling for an end to abortion, we might have a chance.

We need to forget about the politics, forget about what is made "legal" and launch a high tech, national campaign movement, similiar to the one by Martin Luther King, jr. Abortion HURTS women. Women deserve REAL choices. Women deserve BETTER than abortion!

We should all team up with an amazing campaign that Feminists for Life has started. http://www.womendeservebetter.com/


There is an atheist groups that's pro-life!


I suspect there aren't scads of members though. And then there's this:


And not forgetting that the new Pres. has no problems with the idea of sitting down & talking with the heads of terror states who glorify death.

Time to pray, definitely.

A Thoughtful Moderate

Why even debate abortion? It has been legal since 1973 and no one will ever make it illegal. Think about it. From January 2001 to January 2007, we had a conservative President, House, Senate and Supreme Court and it is still legal as of January 2009. It really doesn't matter if one is pro-choice or anti-choice. The Republicans have used abortion as an election tool to energize their conservative base since the mid 1970s.

To minimize or eliminate abortion, our culture needs to seek other alternatives such as abstenance, birth control and sexual education to teens.


Good comment @A Thoughtful Moderate :) Everybody could pray all day and all night but abortion will still be legal. I know it's sad but it's true.

miss kelly

Thoughtful Moderates, there's still plenty to debate about abortion!

I agree our culture needs to promote other alternative. My alternatives would include bringing back unwed mother homes and orphanages, and supporting the decision of pregnant teens and women to bear a child and give it up for adoption.

Birth control and sexual education for teens hasn't done much to decrease unwanted pregnancies or the spread of venereal disease. There's never been wider availability of birth control, yet teenage pregnancies only recently stabilized. Teens have higher rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia than adults do. No, there's something much bigger going on, and more sex ed won't fix it.

I didn't suggest a legal change, although I'd be delighted to see Roe V Wade overturned. I said "Pray for a change in peoples' hearts on this one."

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