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December 31, 2008



Every mosque and Mohammedan in America has been ordered to pray for the destruction of America, Israel, the West, the 'kuffar' (that's us). See http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/024169.php#comments This is an evil ideology and its members are intent on world devastation and enslavement. Islam should be proscribed and ALL Mohammedans deported. ("moderate" is kind of meaningless as a term when speaking of this hatred and I've never seen any serious definition of "moderate Islam") Throughout the world, every time there is more devastation and atrocities committed by Mohammedans (faithful to their false 'prophet' and in compliance with the Koran's terrorism agenda), we are expected to treat it as just an isolated 'incident' of "a tiny minority of extremists hijacking a religion of peace." I refuse to believe such patent lies and insults to my intelligence. Islam, Mohammedans, and their foul Sharia (their 'way of life', not just their 'law') are antithetical to everything in which we believe and are a direct threat to our Constitution. I refuse to tolerate an ideology that calls for me to be forcibly converted, live in a persecuted status as a 'dhimmi' (paying them protection money as 'jizya') or face being killed. There just are moments in history when evil must be faced up to, called what it is, and defeated. We don't need or want to kill all its adherents, but Islam can be defeated by exposing it and refusing to delude ourselves: its doctrines, warlord false 'prophet' and its history of conquest and degradation are completely repugnant and we should refuse to tolerate any accommodation with or acquiescence to it (that means no ridiculuous footbaths, 'prayer' rooms, slave clothing for females, mosques, etc). If you think Mohammedans spewing their hatred in one town in the USA is bad, imagine what it has been like in Malmo, Sweden for several weeks now with Mohammedans rioting every day, attacking police and police stations, burning schools and attacking ambulances. This is repeated throughout European cities because the enclaves have grown through illegal aliens and the collusion of EU governments. As their numbers grow in the US through unchecked immigration and PC, this will happen here, too, if we don't take action now.

Sissy Willis

Where the boys are, my jihad will be . . .

Siddhartha Vicious

This is why there should be no mosques in America. You might claim that this would violate religious freedom, but mosques are not churches, they are not synagogues, they are not houses of worship, in any way, but simply dens of violence, and an insidious philosophy of totalitarianism, masquerading as religion.


free free philisteen..

GOD will be the judge..and surely nothing goes unwitnessed by our Creator.

and miss kelly you are so quick to point out the faults of Muslims..and call for freedom of religion, yet you are silent when u have people calling to eradicate the muslims from the US..
kind of hypocritical of you..

this last comment that was made..is proof that whats going on in the world is a religious war...

i hope i live to see the day when the palestinians will be free..because even though i am not palestinian, nor do i have family over there..my brothers and sisters in Islam are and they are being killed by arrogant tyrants who enjoy to oppress, who steal land and strip my brothers and sisters from everything they have..
except their FAITH in ISLAM..in GOD..which means their pride will not be stripped.

ISRAEL is illegally occupied..it is stolen land..and until the Palestines get it back..Muslims will be angered, RIGHTFULLY SO.

If someone came in your home as you were enjoying time with your family..and while at kille a few of the kids because you wouldnt get out..don't tell me you'd be ok with that. so again hypocritical expect that of the Palestinians..

GOD is Patient..and I hope I live the day to see what He does to the Israeli tyrants.

refrain from being stupid..it doesn't suit people to be that way..sorry, i don't know how to passive agressive like yourself. i say it like it is.


Muhajjirah, people have strong feelings about these things, just as you do. I didn't see a call to "eradicate Muslims from the US" in the comments, although I would support the expulsion of the young woman calling out for a bigger oven for Jews. Yeah, she should definitely return to her country of origin. And I support immigration restrictions to prevent radical Islamists from coming here. Why on earth should we let people in who hate our country and seek its downfall? Why be suicidal? That would be a difficult selection process though.


when a death toll rises to 1230..and dead bodies are continually being found as i type this, when a minimum of 2400 of the injured are women & children, when 100,000 of a people are left homeless..and 50,000 of them are children..when a people are stripped away from their basic human rights, when people are forced out of their homes and robbed of everything they own..EXCEPT their dignity which as much as Israel government would like..it won't happen, when the 'free society' doesn't advocate for freedom of speech and chooses what to report and what to keep, when the most powerful nation is filled with a government that spoon feeds censored information..and when ignorance, immorality, arrogance, and greed are the driving forces of oppression..when Islam is looked at through the eyes of the devil..then don't tell me or any of the practicing muslims across the globe be they american or from timbuktu..that deomcracy and the pursuit of happiness is the right of every human soul. GAZA is a LIVE example of that.

Oh and one more thing Muslims don't want to see the downfall of America, but they surely would love to see the downfall of every hypocritical tyrant..

As far as that video you posted..there was much emotional rage, and I find it interesting that the one taping the event didn't spend much effort portraying the autrocities of his own people who were protesting.

I feel bad for the God-fearing Jews out there who are against the Israeli Occupation, because the majority of the Jews seem not to have a problem with it. On the Muslim end its the opposite-you have some terrorists while the majorty are not.

Muslims all over the world are under One Nation and although not as united as we should be now, we will be a witness against you on the Day of Judgement where the Most FAIR..will be the Judge for the horror that this world sees, and every soul will get what it deserves.

One more thing, America is not your land or your country..it is God's Land..and He will deal with those there as He will deal with those everywhere on Earth with His overwhelming Mercy for those who deserve it, and with His overwhelming Wrath for those who deserve it.

Doubt or question my response as you please..you ahve your religion, way of life, and thoughts and the 1.5 billion muslims on Earth have theirs..ours.

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