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December 30, 2008




Carl Strohmeyer

Unfortunately the corruption of the media in the USA is going to come back to haunt us, the lies and total lack of knowledge of history (such as the roots of the Terrorists and connections even to Hitler) committed by the media are dangerous to all honest & freedom loving person worldwide


Yesterday I saw on news that some Israeli where dancing near the border,where the missiles were launched to Gaza.I ask you what a beautiful thing is happening there that they are happy? Israel and Hamass had a cease fire OK?
What does war mean? When Israel didn't allow goods to be taken there,and ills to be taken out, what does it mean?
Other than killing Palestinian slowly? Is it cease fire?

Lorraine & edmond Davis

The behavior of such media reporting is disgusting and outrageous


Israel is to be commended for being so careful to avoid civilian casualties. It is ironic that many people thoughtlessly say that Israel and the Jews control the media. It is the Muslims, primarily because of fear of the Middle East oil monopoly but also because of ultra "liberal" elements in western society, who are regularly excused from responsibility for terrorism and other heinous crimes against humanity.

The so- called "Palestinians" do not constitute a separate people and it is ridiculous to try to establish a separate country for them. Such a country would simply be another terroristic state. These are refugees. Virtually none of them were born in Israel proper and those who were became refugees because they left in an attempt to assist the Arab armies attacking Israel. These people should be resettled in the abundant Arab/Muslim lands surrounding Israel. There they can have a chance to get on with their lives in a humane and normal fashion rather than being used by terrorists as a tool to overthrow Israel. I wish them well but they should not be allowed to remain terrorist tools.

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