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December 03, 2008



I certainly appreciate seeing this item relating the ISB to the "Guilty" findings in Texas.
This Boston situation has more than a few moving parts to it and my fear is that, in an attempt to handle one, we'll drop all the others.
Frankly, I fear the population will become alternately selectively deaf and blind and will be bored after two sentences.
Maybe Mr. Hale is being cynical in calling either Paul Minihane or Jeff Conley to action. I doubt it. Boston's FinCom is as effective as the "Ancient and Honorable" and which I call inert and vulnerable. In fact, I alerted Mr. Minehane to this about two years ago, before I entered into the dialogue. Minnehane, a title chaser, was first appointed by Cellucci, removed by Swift and re-appointed by Romney.
Chairman of FinCom is a Boston Title awarded by the Governor's office. There are three and a staff to include Executive Director Conley. The members and the staff could no more order an investigation than they can thier office supplies. But the members possess those most useless but awed items - titles.
FinCom was originally estsblished by Brahmins of Beacon Hill to monitor the Irish Catholic politicians in Boston. I've known most of the nominees over more than a few years. I've seen nothing that resembles tenacity, but for the titles.
On the other hand, Mr. Hale's challenge to action is quite appropriate - if all we can do is say - we tried. I know City Councillor Micheal Flaherty was been fairly well briefed about two months prior to "Phoenix".
We're in that situation where - I'll use my own terms - we're (American People) afraid of ourselves. The political sensitivity prevails.
What has a good track record is the Municipal Research Bureau run by Sam Tyler. I believe it functions more on the behalf of some of Boston business leaders("The Vault").
When (or if) we hear of that entity engaging, we might just see some sparks fly.
It will either dove-tail together or go off in a flurry of feathers.
Regretfully I haven't been as engaged as I would like due to giving some seminars on intelligence operations, and then there's the aspect of selling the concern about Sharia Compliant Financing. Nobody's concerned about the ideals, so the risk has to be amplified.
Same problem however.
Walt Kelley who did the "Pogo" cartoons had a line in the 50's: "I've met the enemy...and he is us".
We have a case here where people see only a garden patch and some of us see a battlfield of even greater dimensions.
I applaud in awe for those of you maining the engagement.

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