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December 04, 2008



thanks for this great site. There cant be enough information out there on these issues.


Now they have been banned it will be great to ban Indian terror groups too, including RAW. So india could be better place for minorities.

Former Bostonian

Has anyone in the mainstream or right media in Boston (or the Boston Phoenix) asked ISNE, ISGW, and ISGL about these connections? Asking isn't accusing, but at the same time, did people really not know that these imams were related to a terrorist? I was shocked when I learned about them via your blog, and it really makes me wonder what they were up to - are up to.

Miss Kelly

As far as I know, only a reporter from the Patriot Ledger ever asked anyone (in this case, Muhammed Masood) about his connection to Hafiz Saeed. I haven't seen this information reported in any other Boston newspaper, although it's been published in Pakistani and Indian newspapers, and was also mentioned in a LA Times article on LeT.

Absolute f**kin' silence from Boston Globe, Boston Herald, or any Boston TV station on the Hafiz Saeed connection. Blind? Afraid? Stupid? The topic is a downer?

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