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November 12, 2008



I happen to know this young man. He's got a great sense of humor and is well liked by many, many people in and around Boston. He cares deeply about others and I have seen first hand how he gives freely of his time and money to help others. After getting his Pharmacy degree, he was looking forward to getting married.

You mention his parents' home as if it's some sort of crime to have a nice house. Does that make the Pope an evil person for living like a King? Let's not throw rocks when living in a glass house.

The Feds can hold him all they want, but they will have a very tough road in trying to convince people he's a the horrible person they want to make him out to be. SO will sites like yours that specialize in libel.


They didnt arrest him for terrorism but for lying to the FBI during a terrorism investiagation. His friend has been arrested fighting with al-Qaeda in Somalia, and this "nice guy" was trying to cover for him. Its on tape according to the news article.


Samir Khan took his post down.

But its still on Google cache.

Rusty will post on this shortly

Darth Odie

David, he is a rebel spy and a traitor.


Take him Away!

miss kelly

David, young Tariq could be sweet as can be, but that doesn't mean he doesn't support violent jihad against the West. Go look at what is apparently his website. Almost every time someone is arrested for supporting terrorism, people say "I know this man and he is the nicest guy, he would never do that." Happens all the time.

The sprawling Sudbury home of a well-to-do family suggests that poverty isn't driving support for global jihad. There's an underlying religious ideology operating here, and we need to expose it and counter it.

Why would a nice, funny, compassionate man be friends with Daniel Maldonado, who trained in Somalia with Al Quaeda. Open your eyes, David!

Howie, thanks for the tip.


Key word is "apparently".

Before we pass judgment, let's see where the chips fall in the realm of the law.

The FBI has a long list of corruption and intimidation in and around Boston.He could have easily been caught up in something he wasn’t involved in at all, but a distant acquaintance was. Still, you don’t lie to the FBI, even if you are scared shitless and foreign.

Darth Odie

Dear Prudence,

So why did Samir Khan know about it so quick?

Ever read Samir's blog? I'm serious, this guy is smack dab in the middle of a major online terrorist network.

Its not "apparently" once you know who is who the evidence is huge.



No, thank you or the tip, and you commenter who tipped you as well. Good deal.

Sammy must be beside himself today. LOL.


Listen Kelly

Please wear glasses of a person of average intelligence and see how dumb your looking reporting and fearing such a noble man.

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