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September 23, 2008



I'm just as sad about the rise of Christian fundamentalism as about any other for of it.

All extremes lead to harm of some kind...wither to the psyche or to the body.

As for Ms. Klein's mode of dress...I honestly believe that's an individual choice and not for me to judge.

Good post tho...

Your Muslim brother

I wonder when Miss Kelly will realize that she has more in common with Muslims than she knows.


What a disgrace Naomi Wolff is. Why are women so scared of Palin? It must be because she's beautiful,strong, successful, has morals and values, and can keep her man. This is a woman the who country should champion. Instead we idolize nutty little basketcases who whine on Oprah...like Naomi Wolf


Naomi Wolf knows her history, but she lost me when she started thinking Obama would be any better than McCain. There is no difference between the two.

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