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September 19, 2008



The Federal Government case against Masood stems basically from being untruthful.
At the Roxbury Fundraiser the information given to people was that Masood and family are leaving in a few days. Need money for nine tickets.
The Interfaith communication is different by stating that Masood alone is leaving and the family needs a house.
Can the Interfaith people comment on it? Where does the truth lie?


Planes leave daily and his family's dispositions should need no more attention from him than his 'loving' ummah can give.
Dear Former Imam, Just go, already. You won't be missed until you do.

Aaron S

What interests me is that these armoured vehicles aren't cheap. Where does the funding come from??


Miss Kelly,

your artical is full of BS.
I do'nt understand where you get your information.
I think you should get investigated and your dirty laundry should brought to your readers..
Or you be an ANGLE by nature...

miss kelly

Joe, what's the BS exactly?

No, I'm definitely not an angle by nature.

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