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September 08, 2008



you are very intollerant may God forgive you for your vice of hate

miss kelly

Yes, I am intolerant of people who encourage others to blow themselves up on trains, in crowded markets, and at government buildings and schools. I am terribly intolerant about such murderers. Johanna, perhaps you are unfamiliar with what Hafiz Saeed has said about Westerners, women, Jews, India, etc. I advise you to read up on Professor Saeed. He calls for violent jihad on more or less a daily basis. He pays money to women and young teens, encouraging them to blow themselves up. That's something you done and support?

april debra

i don't see why you find this amusing. its actually quite disturbing that you have obviously put all Muslims in the same category as people who blow them selves up, how sad.


It's quite disturbing that Jamah ud Dawah is calling people - including the many illiterate young men and women - to violent jihad. You're right, my dear, it's not amusing at all.

It's not me putting "all Muslims in the category of people who blow themselves up." JAD and LeT promote that though, encouraging mothers to raise children to do so, paying out money to families of suicide bombers as martyrs. Where's your disgust with them?

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