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August 09, 2008



Its funny to hear a Catholic criticise other religions religious figures for extravagance and luxury.
In Islam being rich isnt a sin only being attached to money and the world.

miss kelly

I'm not criticizing Masood and Hamid for their $$$$. I'm asking where did the $$$ come from. I am criticizing our government for taking so long to deport this fellow. Masood has been scamming people here long enough. Time to go home.

Given how Masood has lived for the past fifteen years or so, I'd guess he's pretty attached to the money and the world.


I imagine there's more than one comfy condo in Dubai for the property heist players.
I noticed that Harry Collings, Executive Director of BRA, might like some sand-based pied d'terre. But, I think the sands of Provincetown will win out. Should the P'Town community expect this gay-dhimmi will build a mosque there?


No one bought any condo in dubai. Hamid was trying to get a job for himself which he didnt get.


why do you ridicule Islam so much your religion is filled with pedifiles and you pray to people and NOT God...Look at yourself before you hate others..

miss kelly

Meriem, thanks for the info.

Johanna, Massachusetts has been infiltrated by people who are dangerous and who mean harm to our American society. I'm not blanketly ridiculing Islam on this blog, and I don't follow your "logic" on that. On this blog, I've targeted a small number of Islamists who are in our midst. Remarkably, they all turn out to be conected to either the Islamic Society of Boston or the Muslim American Society. I don't think you will find "ridicule" of Islam here.

Of course, to some Muslims such as yourself, any criticism of any Muslim is an insult to an entire religion. I can separate individuals from an entire religious community. Why is that such a difficult concept for you, my dear? Would you defend ANY Muslim, no matter what he or she did? Even someone who was a bad person, who lied, who cheated, who came here illegally, who disobeyed the laws of the land of this country?

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