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August 04, 2008


Muhammad Abid

This is the great site for DR. AAFIA because all the News,Events,Biography of Dr Aafia and other information about DR. AAFIA

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Barrister Iqbal Jafree of Slarpore

The Government of Pakistan (rife with corrupt bureaucRATS and leaders who have indulged in reprerhensive plunder of and moneylaundering from Pakistan which is at the brink of bankruptcy) has done nothing substantive to secure the release of Dr AAFIA.
This matter is being heard by the Lahore High Court by Mr Justice Ijaz Ahmed Choudhary who will resume hearing on 24th Nov 09 Deo volente (Latin: it means God willing),
The Govt of Pakistan instead opf referring the matter to Int Court of Justice has hired 3 lackadaisical American lawyers and advance p;aid them US$2Million (a whjopping portion will be kicked back as Referral Fees) in spite of Court orders not to do it.
The strange thing is that AAFIA was accused of being mastermind of 9-11; then she is prosecuted for firing with a gun she could not physically lift.
If she is competent to stand trial; then she is competent to decide whether she wants GOVT OF PAKISTAN appointed counsels which she has rejected in open court.

The Govt of Pakistan has wasted 7 years and internally not even registered a Police Report (called Firsty IKnformantion Report) concerning reprehensible kidnapping and Rendition of AAFIA since 2003.
This South .. gushing into the gutter.Here the Apathy and Indifference is mind-numbing and unbelievable due to corruption/hypocrisy at the top.


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