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July 27, 2008


Sissy Willis

PLUS . . . the design and execution are utterly inept. :-)


I commented on UH, but I thought I'd head over here as well:

All right then, if the painting of the mosque means that the Muslims are taking over, how do you explain the painting of the basilica on the other side of the post?

Seriously folks, not a single person has gone to look at it for yourselves, have you? The painting of the mosque is done so that a person looking at it will see the mosque in the background. On the other side, there's a painting of the Mission Church so that a person on that side will see the church in the background.

I'm heading over to Mr. Pipes's site next, but sometimes a distinctive building is just a distinctive building.


As for the design and execution, it's being done by a bunch of high schoolers. I think they're doing fine.

miss kelly

Thanks Molly, for the info. I'll update the post. This post was taken from Daniel Pipes blogpost on the ISB, and he based it on several photos sent in to him by someone in Boston. That person either didn't see or didn't include photos of the Mission Church, which clearly is a different thing. Thanks for the information.


The comparison of two murals, a minaret and a Mission Church
makes the whole argument cast in a certain light.
But the light people are looking for in this argument is of valid concern not just to secular Bostonians but also to a large number of Muslim parents.
One example of this light is put out by MissKelly in a post about a prayer which no one has denied so far.
Red bricks or a minaret by itself does not throw any light around but the people who are in control.
And who is in control? Do they have a democratic structure? As far as I know ISB and ISBCC or MAS Boston has no democratic structure that I could organize the parents in Boston area and throw out this light and replace it with the wishes of the parents.
The only democratic (Muslim )Institution that existed for a long time is the Islamic Center of New England at Quincy and Sharon. The pages of MissKelly are full of posts about the goings on there and the role ISB and MAS Boston played in the take over.
This takeover was not possible without stealth money. There are copies of million dollar checks that were going into accounts in New Hampshire of ISB , of course, (by a wire transfer from Saudi Arabia) and then finding their way (some of this money) into schools that were put up at the Islamic Center of New England buildings and the general membership (of ICNE) had no control over.
The mambers were raising money by selling barbequed chicken legs at $1.00 a piece and were no match to the stealth wire transfers.
The Mission Church is known to us. We know what light flows in their.
Can anyone tell me what ideology is supposed to flow in the red bricks at Roxbury?
If this ideology had democratic underpinnings the whole project would be run by local Muslims of Roxbury. Is it so?
So the argument that people want to debate is a valid one. It is not a comparison of two pictures in two dimensions but it is a question of paramount importance to the whole of USA and to all different communities including Muslims.
Two examples may bring to light the underlying questions.
you have seen MissKelly post about a fund raiser for Masood by ISB/MAS Boston/Islamic Council as a tax deductible event (yes it happened, with about 40 people and loud speeches in praise of Masood).What is the message in it for our children?
And an other example is a top man at ISB who has become a top man at Islamic Center of New England. He could not satisfy his spiritual needs at ISB with Imam Basyouny Nehela (the man in red hat a la MissKelly post)?
Is not that a valid question? (And since he is a public figure and he got a green card thru a staelth marriage can such matters be discussed publically?)
So what message these two examples give our children who have taken the oath of allegiance to the Constitution and also follow the Holy Quran?
Hence, this is not a matter of two two dimensional murals but a matter of serious and open debate.

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