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April 05, 2008



Perhaps the voting Pakistanis are aware that Option 1 (Boycott Danish products and services) had quite a counter-productive effect: the rest of the world (principally the USA and Canada) decided to support said Danish products and services to such a degree that Danish exports showed a 17% RISE IN PROFITS from the previous year's figures! I am proud to say I did my bit for freedom: my waistine has yet to recover from Danish cookies, beer, ham and butter but it was all in a good cause. The only people who really suffered from that Moslem boycott turned out to be Moslem children in the Middle East who had to do without the excellent Danish dairy products. As always, hatred is self-defeating.

Abdullah Khan

Hi Miss Kelly
I just viewed the Poll results again on our website, and you too must see it again that 45% voters say that we should Ignore this nonsense and keep preaching Islam with peace....by the way I dont know you believe in Prophet Jesus Christ (Peace be upon Him) or not but we have same feeling for his honour and we protest whenever someone insults Jesus Christ..but the Christians themselve become spectators to His insult in the name of 'Freedom of Expression'.

And you people day and nihgt cry about freedom of expression...would you like someone to publish or print Jihadi literature in US or west..??? no you will never allow this as you think Jihad is terrorism and every Muslim believes that Jihad is an intergeral Part of Islam...So Why dont you change your own dual standards of 'freedom of expression'....hope you would not mind truth, though you are appointed to hide the truth and promote the fabrications and defame the Muslims for some dollars...but I hope you do have a heart beside your stomach...

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