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April 21, 2008


Ken H.

Hello -
I was there, too - it was a wonderful event. I had many good impressions coming away from the event, probably the event of a lifetime! I did feel bad about one thing - after attempting to keep up with the glorious chanting of the "Credo" (which I also hear on EWTN's Sunday Masses, so i wasn't totally lost), I said "We should all know this!" Wouldn't it have been so wonderful to be so familiar with it to have been able to join in with even fuller voices!

I didn't get to smell the incense - I was so hoping to have it reach the place where we were sitting. We were fairly high up, almost directly behind "home plate", a little down the first base side.

I might try to upload my pictures to Flickr or picasa - they aren't great pictures but they give a sense of what things looked like from a bird's-eye view.

Thank you for the lovely commentary. And thank you to Pope Benedict for putting all of his energy into coming here to greet us, pray with us, teach us, touch us, and lift us up - may he live for many years! I cannot believe all that he did while he was here in a few short days - just amazing! We should all take some extra time to reflect on the words that he spoke, and take action to restore our Church, and our world.


Ken H.

I think that I lost the URL link to the photo - trying again... I don't know how to link to the particular photo - please have a look at the Flickr page if interested, look at the Papal Mass set. I made two pictures public at this point - have to do some photo editing and eliminate poorer quality photos and duplicates.



What a wonderful report. I almost feel I was there.

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