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April 18, 2008


Ken H.

What?! The organizers of this liturgy didn't read the writings of the Holy Father on sacred music and liturgy? Shock! Horrors!

Oh, wait - that is probably something that doesn't even need to be researched in any more detail.

Such a shame, but it does show that we really have need for a Holy Father like Pope Benedict, but even more of a need to start paying attention to his teachings, and the real need to reconnect with the Sacred Tradition of the Church! And bring it back to our parishes.

miss kelly

Couldn't agree more, Ken. The Vespers service held on Wednesday was beautiful nad moving. So how come only the bishops and cardinals get to experience that? What about us commoners? Yes, bring it back to the our parishes!

Sissy Willis

I totally agree. 'Was really jolted when the natives started getting restless. 'Have blogged a bit about it here (in the captions), with a video link to Placido Domingo's performance and the Holy Father's response:

"And, yep, you feel it"


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