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February 17, 2008



man!!!what moron wrote this article? blaming everything on isalamists,,,,when hurricane strikes america its fault of islamists,when american economy falls its the fault of islamists and when american cows get mad cow disease its the fault of islamists..go get some education and get busy!


May be someone might remind mr. kasif that the similar expression as him were expressed by pakistani media when India claimed that the terrorists behind mumbai attacks were of Pakistani origin.Time to have a little self evaluation instead of acting Ostrich.
There is place for forceful conversion and acts of violence in your scripture and it teaches a lot about hatred though its all in the name of peace :-).


Commentators: What is incorrectly reported in this article? Your deflections lead me to infer that the article mostly speaks the truth and you have an agenda closely aligned with that of LeT etc.

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