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February 28, 2008



I’d have to agree, as there’s many milder forms of Islam where this wouldn’t be an issue (as I’m sure there’s some radical forms of Christianity that would see this as an issue).

Look, you can never accommodate everyone, and your goal should be to provide the most people with the most options. Limiting male / co-ed time at the gym doesn’t do that. If anything, Islamic women should use their time here as students to learn about our views and whats socially acceptable here, as they may then take it back with them and become the next Bhutto some day…


"Harvard thinks that the most vocal Muslim student organization represents all their Muslims students. They're flat out wrong. They're listening to the fundamentalists. Plenty of female Muslim students already work out at the co-ed gym with no problem."

Remember a few years ago when a Muslim woman wrote a New York Times op-ed about how she dropped her keys on the treadmill and Al Gore picked them up for her, and what a fantastic man that made him? (The story is fresh in my mind because yesterday I picked up keys that a woman had dropped on the treadmill.)

Maybe she could weigh in on this one. Why Gore needs to run on a motorized device instead of on the street is another issue.


Muslim women aren't the only ones who feel uncomfortable working out with males around, many other women feel uncomfortable doing so as well. These students should do what those other women do, either suck it up, or join a gym like Curves which is specifically for women.


I commend Harvard for its attempt to make accommodations for the needs of a religous minority.


When is the Harvard Gay Men Society going to get their private workout hours?

Do you think they want to work out with those big strong sweaty guys?

Never mind!

Ngoo Nam

Harvard just hit bottom again.
Probably not the first time.

I thought Harvard had the guts to teach. I was wrong. Big time, wrong.


I'm a guy, and I'm honestly uncomfortable working out along side athletic men because I'm not that strong and feel a little silly lifting small weights. I feel even worse when there are women around to see me. Maybe Harvard should split each day into segments based on gender and athletic ability so people will be able to work out without worrying about anyone else seeing them!

Ok, that last sentence was sarcastic, but it leads me to wonder where Harvard will decide to draw the line. When you start to accommodate one group of people (especially at the expense of others), then you'll have to accommodate other groups as well.

miss kelly

BN, there are lots of groups of people who could ask for special treatment and restricted hours: gays, trannies, fat people, Mormons, Orthodox Jews, nudists, etc. But in this upside-down world, only Muslim women are granted this get this sort of special treatment.


Reminds me of the justification of men from some Islamic countries: Woman not wearing veils would destabilize their minds with thoughts of sex.

Tom Davis

Osama bin Laden is laughing out loud as Harvard abandons its values in favor of his.

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