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January 28, 2008


Sissy Willis

It's all about feeling good about themselves, consequences on the ground be damned.

miss kelly

Why, pray tell, do they feel good about themselves when they "beg forgiveness" from Muslims?

Why do they do that? And why does it make them feel good? Why don't they beg forgiveness from anybody else? I don't get it.

Taqqiya Basher

I'd rather not skip the theology, thank you, Miss Kelly, since that letter from the Moslems was not a request for inter-faith dialogue, but a theological statement advancing the Moslem doctrines of the islamic concept of a deity and the islamic 'prophet': Muhammad. Essentially, to cut through all the kumbaya nonsense, what the letter implied was that we (Christians) should reject Jesus Christ as the Son of God (since in Islam 'allah' has no 'others' with him) and that we should accept Muhammad as this deity's 'prophet', indeed, The Prophet. This is because Muhammad, in his attempt to supplant both Judaism and Christianity, tried to 'de-legitimize' them both, first by lying over the sacrifice by Abraham of his legitimate son and heir, Issac, in saying in the Koran that it was Ishmael, not Issac, who was to be offered. This, of course, flies in the face of both the Old and New Testaments which are emphatic as to Issac and that we, Jews and Christians are his heirs, whereas Ishmael is a man 'whose hand would be against all men' (now that does sound accurate! except that even that claim of Muhammad's tieing his Arab tribe to Ishmael does not stand up to investigation). Anyhow, moving on to Christ, Mohammad then lies about the Crucifixion in Sura 3 of the Koran where he says that 'allah' ("the Great Deceiver") substituted another man whose features were similar to those of Jesus, on the cross in order to fool the Jews. This, by denying the Crucifixion, leaves Muhammad free to relegate Jesus ("Isa" in the Koran) to mere 'prophethood' and leave the way clear for Muhammad to proclaim himself The Prophet. 'allah' took 'Isa' into islamic paradise and Isa will return to earth one day to proclaim himself a Moslem (as, supposedly, according to Mo, all the prophets before himself were really Moslems); whereupon this Isa, by denying the cross, will be a sign to Moslems that the protective status of the dhimmis (Jews and Christians under islamic domination and persecution) is at an end (no more Jizya to pay, that's the good news, the bad news is that either the Jews and Christians must then become Moslems or be slain). So, if you are still with me, that letter was actually a none too subtle 'invitation to Islam': reject Christ and accept Muhammad. Possibly the Moslem penners of that missive were depending upon a certain theological simplicity on the part of the recipients?

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