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January 30, 2008


Adina Kutnicki

There can be little doubt that one of two things are operating here-either the DNC is willfully recruiting Islamists due to their desire to see the US brought to its knees, or they have eschewed due diligence, deferring to their 'higher' obligation of multicultural inclusion - the consequences be damned.

Either way the DNC has become a dangerous place for those seeking to protect American interests.

What is very likely is that the hijacking of the former centrist Demnocratic party by Soros and his enablers has now become a defacto enemy of American citizens.

Ignorance of the above will be lethal in its blowback.


It's three things, IMO. Soros, blind multiculturalism and Islamists using our blindness and culture to invade our us and bring us to our knees under sharia law.

Barack Obama is in full support of his communist cousin Odinga who feels the same way about sharia...and is repsonsible for the killings of Christians in kenya by muslims. I think we can fully expect Obama to do the same as his cousin if he becomes our 'commander-in-chief' - the likes of which we've never seen before.

I hear the death knell of our wonderful, once-free, once capitalist nation...it is so upsetting.


I sent this page to the DNC. Wonder if I'll get a response!



Haven't I seen you at ynet?

Muslims Against Sharia

"Given that Howard Dean spoke at the September 2007 Islamic Society of North America convention ..."

Given the fact of DOJ & DOD sponsoring ISNA, what can you expect from a whore like Howard Dean?

Former Bostonian

The Abdul Malik Mujahid from Soundvision and the guy from Dar us Salaam whose company's book you link to are two different people. One guy is Pakistani-America, the other one (the second one) is Saudi Arabian.

It is not uncommon for one Muslim to have the same name as another, with the same spelling, a different spelling, hyphens, and anything else. It's caused a lot of problems for law enforcement, as well as people innocent of any wrong doing who happen to have the same or similar name to a wrong doer.

And I don't think there's anything sinister, per se, in having the given family name of Mujahid. People don't choose their last names.

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