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December 27, 2007


Dr Farrukh Malik

Baitullah Mehsud not involved in Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination
The statement by the Interior Ministry of Pakistan about the cause of death of Former Premier of Pakistan Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and the responsibility of this sad incidence is getting proved wrong on the basis of evidence unveiling time by time.
The AFP has reported that they received a call from the spokesmen of alleged Al-Qaeda operative Baitullah Mehsud denying any involvement in this sad incidence through a phone call made to them on Saturday.
"He had no involvement in this attack," spokesman Maulana Omar said in a telephone call. "This is a conspiracy of the government, army and intelligence agencies", reported AFP. The caller told AFP that he is calling from Waziristan and said that they are not involved since it is against the tribal tradition to attack women. Further, the caller told AFP that the transcript released by the government allegedly of a phone between Baitullah Mehsud and his aides discussing the martyrdom of Benazir is fabrication. He even showed the emotions of sadness on the death of former premier. In his concluding words, Maulana Omer said that Benazir was not only the leader of Pakistan but a leader international fame and they are grieved and shocked over her death.
The above report bears ample evidence to what may be the truth. Apart from this, today, leading Pakistani blogger, activists and political commentator, Teeth Maestro published a report with photographs caught by an eye witness through his mobile. Teeth Maestro has made a point that Benazir was definitely shot before the bomb blast. He backs his point with the pictures by the eye witness.
Keeping in view the above mentioned two reports, it is quite clear that the statement by the Interior Ministry is not reliable and it’s an attempt of face saving by the authorities.
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Dr Farrukh Malik

There was entry and exit wound in Ms. Bhutto’s head
Sherry Rehman said in a statement that she happened to see an entry and exit bullet wound in Benazir Bhutto head while washing her body for the funeral. Sherry Rehman is considered as a very close to deceased Former Premier Benazir Bhutto who attained the martyrdom in shooting and suicide bombing on December 27, 2007.
"This is ridiculous, dangerous nonsense because it is a cover-up of what actually happened," Sherry Rehman said referring to government claim. She was one of the PPP activists who were present with Benazir Bhutto when she was attacked and Ms. Rehman suffered injuries too.
These comments of Sherry Rehman are on the contrary to what the Interior Ministry of Pakistan said in its statement earlier. In presence of such contradictory remarks and eye witness reports, for many PPP supporters, the credibility of statement of Pakistani Interior Ministry is questionable.
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