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December 02, 2007



I don't eat any HFCS - it's part of my "no additives" diet. Of course I have found that since I've cut out additives, I also don't get hungry in the same way I used to. I get hungry, but I can go without eating and not have it bother me so much... often times, I'm just not hungry though.

I do wish I could drink red wine - have to stick with white though because of the migraines. ;-)

Now I need to check out the book - sounds interesting.

miss kelly

Yes, Teresa, I noticed an immediate change in my appetite when I began following the book's practices. My desire to snack more or less all day long has just gone away. The sense of being a bit hungry and feeling full are very distinct now. I don't have that constant desire for sweets. Yippee!


Hi Miss Kelly,
Yes, HFCS has invaded out food supply. Courtesy of the Corn Refiners Assoc.,
go to www.corn.org/NSFC2006.pdf.
P29-30 list all the foods and products that contain
HFCS. A few surprises:
whole wheat bread, soups,
cough syrups. StopHFCS.com
lists foods that are HFCS-free. They welcome additions and suggestions.


Cynthia - that's why one must read the labels on everything. It's very tedious and even after 5 years, I will occasionally skip a label and end up with a migraine (there's nothing like pain to keep one in line *grin*).

Also, companies periodically change ingredients without warning - so checks of labels of packaged items are a must at least a few times a year.

I mostly stick to fresh as it's just so much easier.

MK - I'm so glad to hear it's made such a good impact. Amazing isn't it!

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