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November 09, 2007



Miss Kelly makes a valid point that Catholic churches should sponsor better and more provocative speakers.

But it is interesting that every speaker she applauds from Bat Ye'or to Mark Steyn loathe Muslims with great passion. Their cartoon caricatures of Muslims and pseudo-historical analyses win approval from people who love the Bush-atollah's war on terror. Their main objection to Bush is that he has not yet attacked Iran and begun the next phase of what their ally Norm Podhoretz calls World War IV.

So to fit Miss Kelly's definition of a good speaker, Catholics may have to sponsor an array of pro-war zealots and Muslim haters. Cardinal O'Malley should resist her pressure to go nasty.

miss kelly

Jackhammer, I disagree that any of those speakers "loathe Muslims with great passion." As if. Nor am I recommending that churches bring in people who hate Muslims. These speakers all plainly talk about the threat of radical Islam to everybody, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Bahai, Buddhists- across the board. They, along with many Muslims, are concerned with radical Islamists who are running so many Muslim organizations. Too many people around here are afraid to say so out loud. As one Muslim reader wrote to me recently, "I did not leave Egypt to come here and have goons raise my children."

Please read the post above about the polygamy case in Sharon MA, to what suffering is going on for some Muslim women and children here in MA. Imams in MA are conducting polygamous marriages in secret, apaprently with the approval of the mosque's board of directors. That shouldn't be going on, and we need to call it out and stop it.

But at least you agreed with one thing I said, so thanks!

Richard Cook

If 99.99999 percent of the suicide bombers are Muslim..... Jackhammer sound like he or she has lived in a box for the past six years. Without access to the outside world. Care to discuss in a little more detail your allegations?


I wonder if that same disparity--the failure of the Boston hierarchy to make a more pointed approach to Islam's treatment of Christians in the Middle East and the growing push for a global ummah , versus the Pope's bluntness on the subjects--is part of the reason that Boston was left off the Pope's itinerary in his forthcoming visit to the US.


I don't think that Catholic Churches do not have lectures like these, I think they already have done it before.

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