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November 14, 2007



Thank You, Very Much!


I sympathize with the feelings... I, too, was surprised and not entirely joyed to dial over to Oldies 103 on my way to work on Monday, and hear someone doing "Silver Bells." I've already had one near-miss with "Dominic the Donkey" (a truly silly song) and "The Little Drummer Boy." Oldies 103 started their Christmas music on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago, pushed it to a week before last year, and now 10 days before Thanksgiving. I enjoy a lot of the holiday pop music (in due time), but trends like this one leave me treasuring the cadence and devotions of Advent more with each passing season.

If you care to read more about how we got to this point, I recommend two books -- "The Battle for Christmas" by now-retired UMass professor Stephen Nissenbaum and Joel Rosen's more recent "White Christmas." Nissenbaum's is scholarly, and not about the faux-cultural battle that Bill O'Reilly made so much of -- it chronicles the emergence of our commercial Christmas in the 1840s and '50s. Rosen's tells the story of the Irving Berlin song, and how holiday pop music pretty much started with its popularity. (In large part after GIs overseas adopted it in 1942.)


Hello, Miss Kelly! I'm at it again, if you'd like to join in.


It's that time again already? But it's not even Halloween yet!?!


I know. Sad. Just trying to get a start on THEM before they get a start on US :-)


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