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November 28, 2007



ooo hello again permalink. ive been following very closely your views on al-hamra academy lately. surprisingly no one ever wrote a comment to you. well..im your first comment. it gives me great pleasure in saying i..yes me..am an alumi of Al-Hamra academy. first off..i would like to say i was not born in saudia or jordan or an arab country. i was born here in massachusetts and have american blood running in my veins as well as turkish.
now..i mention that b/c i want you to understand im clearly american. now..it is not worth my time to write something so long if you..yes you..are not reading what i say . so..i keep this short and not so much as an essay.
first off all...i think it offends me of how you are greatly always using backup to call al-hamra an islamist school. i would like you to know...that my school that i grew up in was a very well environment. my mother btw..is a catholic and found no faults at all in my school. she in fact more faults of the catholic schools..who bluntly told her we have no uniform in some way we're like a public school.only discussing religion.
now..of stating that...i recall that when i was in 8th grade..during the time of bush vs. kerry elections..would you like to know how al-hamra showed its patriotism to america? we made our own votes and wrote papers on the candidate and what were their attributes. my class went around teh whole school making it as if we were doing our own elections.
...the school made their votes. it was fun .
now id like to say that my school provided American! American! textbooks by prentice hall. okay so..i siad that b/c you must be thinking that the school was funded by al-qaida.
but thats wandering away from my point. my point is that my books were american made books and i learned like I would in a public school..the same kind of education. the difference is that in the curriculum the teachers taught one grade up. so for instance if u were a 1st grader...u were taught 2nd grade material...which is highly smart in my belief.
now...i learned of the constituion and the bill of rights...the american revolutuion.. we learned of the background of it. how thomas jefferson borrowed ideas of thomas paynes work common sense to write the declaration. wel earned ourbill of rights.
there was no propaganda involved. the teacers taught us this information b/c it was what we were suppose to know . its the curriculum..and something a student must know.
now...i wil lsay something that you probably will prounce upon. we did NOT say pledge of allegance everyday. no ..im sorry we did not. instead our school would gather together and recite the first chapter in the quran. surah fatiha. please check the meaning on google and see how the translation of saying that is a good way to start our day.
just like how some catholics will say our father who eart in heaven thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven...holy mary mother of god pray for us at the hour of death. now i didnt want the write the complete prayer but that is an example to say that dont catholics say a prayer to God b4 going to sleep b/c you dont know if u will wake up the next day? well..my school recited the fatiha so..that our day wil be good. that God will make our day a good day..and protect us. b/c you never know anything can happen. in the world we live in..there are school shootings. ex:columbine..virginia tech.)
i think you mst understand that the students at al-hamra are NOT ROBOTS!. i have to admit the girls who wore hijab at school would take iit off right after school. they lived normal lives. i lived a normal life. i went to the mall..i hanged out with friends. im young..mind you..so i dont know ur personality but i hope you dont have the idea of like some presbyterians who condemn everything in life as a sin.
either way...we lived normal lives and had non muslim friends. after i finished al-hamra..i personally went to a public school. and i enjoy it. the only fault is that..there is not a homely feeling. see...in al-hamra..it was like family. since it was a small setting with tops 12 kids in a class everyone knew each other. everyone kind of had each others back if you understand me. at a public school.its the real world no ones there to help you. only yourself and its a bit lonely and you have friends true..but they come and go to fast. im sure you the reader know this yourself.
im growing up as a muslim and i do mind that you are accusing al-hamra of false things.
i see that you sit at your computer and give articles about OTHER SCHOOLS. im not from other islamic schools. i cant speak for them.
I CAN SPEAK FOR AL-HAMRA. and i say that what you say is false and blatently wrong.
personally im a bit saddened that the al-hamra website has changed. its turned out the way you would want it. bleak...a college looking web page website material. almost looks like a blatant brochure. there is no islamic or religious point to make you think that website is showing an islamic school. you on the other hand may give applause to the site . compare from what once was and now and you will find that the website now has no life in it...it has become what you have wanted it to be...to please you in doing so...it has become dreary..preppy as well. it reminds me of something coming from a tim burton movie ( a director who directs movies ..he adds an atmosphere in his movie that is very bleak and depressing.)
so..i end this comment to please try to understand that al-hamra and im hoping not all islamic schools are not all bad. it is something unknown to you probably. we all fear the unknown. i admit personally i was afraid of public school..not b/c of the people...b/c any psychologist will tell you..if u are brought up in an environment at a young age and must move on to a new one...ur brain will not be use to it and will be come anxious. i started in 1st g and left in 8th. after 8 years..things had to change. it was time for me to go to a different school. im happy to have gone to al-hamra tho. many people i saw dropped out...had problems in school...became pregant...had boyfriend/girlfriend relationship problems..drunken driving...a student dying of a car accident. i feel like al-hamra taught me islam and too help me keep away from the wrongs everyday kids come to in highschool.. drugs...girls...cigarettes..peer pressuure...etc.
i thank you for your time and i hope you the reader have something to reply too this. im sorry that how i wrote kind of is like not in the best format. but i hope i expressed my point clearly since i felt that this post of al-hamra was related somehow to me. it was like hearing my home was actually a bad place to be in. i defend my school. im a student of al-hamra academy and proud.
I wish you the best in life. Salam.

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