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November 29, 2007



I did not watch the program.
Can there be a mosque without a "denomination"?
What was the Denomination of ISB Mosque and Al Noor school?
And what is balanced coverage without covering Wellesley College MSA connection to ISB/MAS?
There should be a simple answer to this simple question. Do you know?


doing a search, i ended up here again..and came across this post..

a woman in niqab does not indicate she does not want to integrate. it just proves that she is a strong personality who does not get easily influenced by situations that are not within her basic beliefs. you wouldn't see them at amusement parks with their children, and you wouldn't see them at the malls with their friends, they wouldn't be most of whom who accepted Islam as teens and young adults, they wouldn't be those who valued a higher education and pursued are pursuing careers, they would rather be fearful of stepping out.

perhaps the niqabi mother of 2 you described wanted her husband to go for a walk with her because she didn't fear him, but feared the teenage punks down the street who were taught by their grandmothers, fathers, and society that being different from most is so anti-american especially(due to a severe case of islamophobia.)

contrary to what you said,
a woman who decides to cover in niqab, especially in the West, even a woman wearing hijab especially in the west...will not succeed in maintaining it if she herself is not a free-thinker. you think those who dress like Gap-wannabe models, or desire the latest color in crocs have increased individualism than a woman in niqab?? give me a break.

you hate islam, and that is your right, but let me remind you that what you report, say, or blog about muslims..and particuarly muslim women may seem like factual to you--so let me wake you up and remind you, your voice is an opinion. hmm, which reminds me of a question i think i asked you before which i don't believe i ever got an answer to. have you ever met a muslim? have you ever questioned your own ideas? because being a muslim in the west one has to do this, and it is actually a really good thing, and this is why when you see a woman in niqab in the US you know she is not doing it for any other purpose than due to her belief. having said that, i leave you with this clip to check out.


and with a final thought for you, miss kelly..i dare you to enter a masjid and meet the muslim women there...if you are in boston..head off to sharon, you might be surprised to see a few niqabis who are american without a foreign accent that are engineers and doctors, you might see a few a hijabi women who are principals and therapists, you might see muslim women who don't have any idea who you are come up to greet you peacefully, and you might be surprised to witness how courteous they are and how their speech is gentle and educated even they are all garbed up in their abayas and hijabs. you might see some wearing their labcoats over them, and you might see some women trying to keep their children quiet.. the point is, we american muslim women have similar values in many issues..but we don't share all of them..and our faith is not just a religion of a few statements of belief, but it is a complete way of life in that we live to serve God through they way we eat, dress, play with our children, and yes..obey our husbands who would fall into sin if they decided not to give us our needs and respect us as they are required to do so with mercy and compassion.

so if all of that is anti-american, then miss kelly you are the one who seems to be confused..because rather than pointing fingers we need to find commonality..the thing that you are missing though..is that commonality isnt really that hard for the non-muslim american you can tolerate someone looking a little different than them..than you.

perhaps that niqabi, if she saw you on the street she would pity you for your weaknesses and see that Gap girl oppressed? something to think about...

miss kelly

Hello Suhaa, Thanks for the comments. Yes, I know some Muslim men and women, from college, my gym, work and from attending area lectures including at mosques. Yes, you are right, the women at mosques are generally extremely gracious and kind to me when I go there.

I have no problem whatsoever with an adult or young women covering her hair, to each her own. I do have a problem with women covering their faces. To put it simply, we value individuality in the West, we want to see your face. The people who cover their faces in the West are bank robbers or KKK members. It's rude and unfair to others. The person wearing niqab can see the entire expression of the other person, but the opposite is not true. Why be rude? Why make people so uncomfortable? It is anti-American and anti-Western, not to mention a bit kinky and creepy. It only serves to draw attention to the wearer, which goes against the intent of hijab and modesty, doesn't it?

There are Muslim women who think wearing niqab is terribly regressive and counter-productive, and that it gives a bad impression of Islam. Bad for dawah!

Well, you may not believe me, but I don't hate Islam (although I don't see that it offers any better way of life than Christianity does). I do have MANY issues with the ISB/MAS leadership in this area, and with Islamist organizations like CAIR.

Crocs are deplorable, as is almost all of the clothing available at mall stores like the Gap. No argument from me about that.


Excellent response to that Muslim gal with the chip on her shoulder . . .

Here's some good Mark Steyn stuff I blogged about awhile back re the roots of the "grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within":

Ali Baba and all that


2 points to hijab (and some would say niqab too). first as you mentioned in your response is correct..to portray modesty in dress to avoid being in situations which would attract negative attention and that she be valued for her mind and thoughts withdrawing the temptation for others to be attracted to her due to her physical femininity that is only reserved to her husband, and those whom she can not marry such as brother, father, uncle..etc.(which should follow modesty in all actions of life ofcourse). The 2nd that often gets forgotten may seem ironic to those who don't understand but its actually for the others to observe muslim women as those who live their life to please God, so that they may be recognized and not hidden. That they may be recognized as someone who strives in life to rebel against what negativities peoples, societies, and cultures place on the value of women. this is why many hijabi's and maybe especially niqabis find it actually empowering to cover rather than what the western media presents as oppressing. interesting don't you think?

as for the muslim women, or anyone really who can't see the benefits of covering, perhaps because they themselves don't have the courage infront of the people of representing themselves as Muslim women. Perhaps they fear the people more than they fear God. I can not speak on their behalf, but wouldn't you agree that many people fear being looked at in ridicule, because when that happens there is a sense of not-belonging that humans love to have. so throw a woman in niqab in a western society and she will do 1 of 2 things, she'll give it up or it will be her jihad-no, not war..but her internal struggle to shun and rebel against what people say she should wear or say.

wearing niqab isn't about being rude, what's rude i think is when people stare and don't stop and ask me why i wear a hijab, what is rude is when a little girl thinks of me as a witch by my dress and her mother instead of explaining to her, or coming to ask me..she feels threatened or maybe she doesnt think i speak english, or is afraid of asking me directly as if i have this terror plot against her.., or even just trying one's best to avoid the muslim woman in hijab or niqab because of another soldier killed in iraq or because she was overheard calling her son "Osama" to hold her hand walking in the mall.

what gives islam a bad message isn't the hijab, the niqab or the appearance of a muslim man with a beard sporting a kufi..what gives the bad message is ignorance of what Islam is, who Muslims are, and what the exact teachings in the Quran and of the Prophet Muhammad really are.

I'm in Madinah, do you know it's one of 3 holy sites for Muslims? Pretty amazing that hundreds of thousands are already here and by the end of the Hajj season its expected to reach 3 million between here and Makkah but you don't see that beauty in western media do you? You don't see clips of the man looking like a terrorist holding the door for others or the colors of our faith whom swarm in here from all over the world. Coming home tonight was such a beautiful thing, you don't see that diversity in ISLAM. Women in colors of the rainbow, languages of all dialects, and all with the same greeting of "Peace be Unto You". Miss Kelly, you and most people over there choose to see the bad and accept it as a norm when this couldnt be further from the truth.

I'm not going to deny that those who claim to know something about Islam and spread as if it is the absolute truth doesnt get to me, but honestly it saddens me that obviously educated people like you can not appreciate the similar principles.

It seems that the more we know of others religions, cultures it does 1 of 2 things, it either strengthens our beleifs so we appreciate what we have more, or it just questions our ideology whether its Islam Christianity or whatever..

Islam does offer a better way of life for many,even though you think it wouldn't for yourself, but there is no doubt that Islam will offer a better hereafter for anyone courageous enough to step into it with conviction and sincerity.

What people don't seem to get is that when most people live their lives for their lives, Muslims live their lives for their lives and for the reward of the Hereafter. A good Muslim refrains from doing anything that interferes with his/her chance of entering Hell. It's not just about living life to be good people, and loving our neighbors, its about living this short test "life" for the eternal reward for striving hard. even these words i type will be on my account, as well as ever punctuation mark you make...

and as for comment made by webutane...call it my chip that's fine, but let me rec'd you do yourself a favor and educate yourself about what Islam, and only those who are sincere in knowing will ever know...

miss kelly

Suhaa, I'm delighted that you are happy on your spiritual pathway to the Creator, and (hopefully!) a live in heaven after you die. Glad that Islam works so well for you. True believers of most faiths think that theirs is the only TRUE religion, and they're the only ones who will go to heaven. I leave that in God's merciful hands.

Americans - and most people on the planet - would no more cover their face than they would walk around naked. Wear your niqab all you want in Medina. But skip it over here. Regarding any religious justification, you are no doubt well aware that there is no requirement to wear niqab in Islam.

Pakistani writer Khalid Hasan says it best:

"The rumpus being created in the West by exhibitionist and deluded Muslim women, whose conduct flies in the face of clear Quranic injunctions and who confuse tribal customs with divine commandments is creating even more difficulties for ordinary, God-fearing Muslims than they already were struggling against. The utterly uncalled for insistence on donning the hijab and, of late, wearing the niqab, an attire more suited to the profession of banditry than anything I can think of, belittles Islam in whose good name it is being done."

Column dated 10-20-2006


Suhaa, Miss Kelley never said she "hated Islam". And since you are in Mecca right now, in terms of racial equality in Islam, please examine the fact that slaverey was legal in Saudi Arabia until 1963, and many white Arab Muslims have taken and kept black Muslim slaves. Look at what is going on in Darfur.


I can't help from making this comment. I think the key word for anybody coming to live in the U.S. Is.....

Sarah Conner

Get a Life please Miss Kelly. There are a thousand things I can think of for you to be so passionate about. How about you write congress a letter on dismantling the KKK for real not for play play. This is the good old USA and if muslim women want to dress like that then let them, no one is forcing them to do it.You are not God, The president, The Pope, Police, or their mother so mind your own business.If you have a problem with it wake the writers of the constitution up and chat them up about. If not shut the hell up!

Kelly Two

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Sarah. The KKK has been dismantled, aided by the FBI, who infiltrated it and put people in jail. Let's hope the same holds true for the radical Salafi/Qutubists stealth organizations in our society.

Veils I have no problem with. Niqab, however, covering the face completely, simply has no place in the West. Wearing it here bespeaks a profound hostility to our values. The grand imam of Al Azhar University in Egypt, Dr. Mohammad Sayed Tantawi, spoke out against niqab just last week. There are universities in Muslim countries which ban the niqab.

Please come by again.

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