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October 19, 2007



Great work on your part, but where's evidence of "great work" by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - or the Boston Globe? The Globe does a puff piece replete with a charming picture for a "feel good" effect. Still spreading the delusions of the New York Times' crumbling empire.


The Boston Globe has clearly been intimidated and will not write anything negative about any Muslim enterprise for fear of a law suit.


I just sent the offending powerpoint prsentation to the Ohio Dept. of Education, with some very pointed questions - ie: do we monitor islamic schools for such preposterous historical innaccuracies. I suggest everyone else do the same.


I am a history teacher at the public schools where inaccuracies are common place in the curriculum. I came across this website and it is really part of a sad trend of intolerance and persuasion through fear. You should all be ashamed of yourselves - you are about as un-American as it gets. I suggest you all get a hobby and stop bothering people just because you are afraid of something different from your own ignorant lives.

miss kelly

Justin, would you teach in your history class what is presented in that PowerPoint presentation about the history of Muslims in the U.S.?


I have read through the slide show and I do find it troubling. Not because a 14-year-old has latched onto some wild ideas- this is why comic books sell- but because supervising adults gave this exhibition a prize. It's all well and good to claim that Muslims have contributed to the US- they certainly have- but when supervising adults reward dodgy scholarship and overblown claims I get worried.


I think you Miss kelly should be ashamed of yourself! Instead of spreading tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs, you are only spreading hatred!I am American and I am Jewish, and neither my country nor my religion stand for the kind of lies that you are spreading! Seriously, what are you trying to accomplish is what I would like to ask you?! What happened to those schools in the US that did not want to teach the Big Bang, but instead the creationist theory? Most scientist would also argue that to be ridiculous! I want to know one thing miss Kelly: WHY are you doing this?

miss kelly

Mary, I'm not sure what you consider to be lies. Please let me know specifically what you consider to be a lie. I don't report or write lies. If something is untrue, please point it out and I will gladly retract it.

I'm doing this because a) there is an undercurrent of Islamic radicalism at a number of Muslim institutions in the Boston area, and b) few people are paying attention to it. The signs are there, the Saudi Wahabi mentality is there, the Saudi funding is there, but most people aren't paying much attention. I'm trying to bring this stuff out in the open, make it part of the public record that, for instance, Al-Hamra uses Islam Q&A - with its discriminatory, regressive fatwas - as a resouce.

We're not in Kentucky and we're not in Saudi Arabia, we're in Massachusetts. We don't teach creationism, and we shouldn't teach that Muslims converted Native Americans before Columbus came. Especially not to impressionable middle schoolers. As another person wrote to me:"It is a betrayal of everything that is meant by the word 'educate'." These students are not being taught scholarly research, they're being taught archeological fraud. They're learning that "everyone knows Arab Muslims are smart and clean," so what does that make non-Arab Muslims and non-Muslims? One might say it's educational malpractice to teach the things that apparently Al-Hamra is teaching. It's a disservice to the children who are apparently being inculcated in an atmosphere of Arab Muslim supremacy. Not good for them or us.

Would you want your children to be taught fraudulent history?


And, of course, "Mary" and "Justin" never respond with to the questions put to them.


This sounds like a great school. finally, i think i will be sending my kids there. I will send your post to a lot of people i know who will be interested in such a great school.

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