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September 13, 2007



The leader of the Boston Muslims is projected to be Imam Shiekh Alhaj Basyouny Nehela. (The man in the red cap.....your earlier blog). The questions to him are:1. Did you participate heavily in the elections (for years) of Islamic Center of New England by taking bus and van loads from Cambridge? (People have pictures and movies of it).
2.When was the last time you held elections in your own Mosque?
3. What was your relation to the Saudis(now gone) who were at Cove apartments in Quincy and for whose children the school was started at the Islamic Center of New England and what financial relationship you had with them? (Their money did not pass thru the accounts of ICNE).
4.What was your relationship with Imam Khalid Nasr before he came to Quincy?
5.Why you do not release your complete biography?
6.What was the Mosque you worked at(at least that is what you tell people) from 1987 to 1997? What were your political affiliations during this period?
7.Do you have a degree, certificate,testimonial to have been trained as an Imam? (R-1 visa stipulates equivalency to a four year US Bachelor's degree. High sounding names of Masters and Ph.D. are fine but the essential degree to enter US....where is it?)
8. Is Sister Sophia your wife? Is she the person who holds Halaqa at the ICNE Sharon for Arab only ladies on Monday mornings (has done so for years.... even when Aafia Siddiqui used to come to the Halaqas and at times address them)?
Is there any paper, any board decision that such activity takes place at the ICNE Sharon? Why is it not advertised on the ICNE web site?


Great job in keeping their feet to the fire, but the major challenge is getting those who run things to marginalize the Islamists and move forward those true moderates who want to effect change in Islam, such as Jasser.

miss kelly

Unfortunately, it looks like the people who run things (mosques, Islamic organizations) ARE the Islamists. Who exactly would "move forward" the true moderates that want to separate spiritual Islam from political/ supremacist Islam? I don't know how that would happen.

If you're referring to Boston pols that run things, they need other Muslims who better represent the Muslim community to come forward. There don't seem to be other Muslims who are willing to publicly challenge the "Muslim mafia," as it's called. It would be terrific if other Muslims stepped up and became more public and more vocal. The Boston pols, like the lame State Department, don't seem to know who else to talk to in the Muslim community, and they keep talking to the Saudi-funded loudmouths.


Is it the case that there isn't an identifiable "true" moderate Muslim in Massachusetts willing to step forward to argue against political ideology infecting Muslim religious worship today? Not even one?

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