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September 19, 2007



Great post Miss Kelly, and at least someone in the Boston Media is brave enough to ask these questions.

But what's a nice Catholic girl like you doing reading the Phoenix? ;-)


Papijoe does not want a girl (Catholic) to read Phoenix!
America is a free country. And MAS Boston has the freedom to do what it wants to do. But it should walk thru the front door. It should tell its ideology and have a referendum about how many people want to support it KNOWINGLY. It should tell about the $2 million it spent on the law suite.....where it came from? How many orphans in Boston would have gone to College with this money to become productive members of American Society. (Isn't that why all of them get R-1 visa and covert).
"Stealth Islam" cannot control Boston by stealth.
There is something in Boston water that makes even ordinary, toiling,Muslims questioning.
They drink the tea but one night they dump it in the harbor and listen to: "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes". So, your Ideology, please. Before it gets to a point that it has to be coughed out.
How does the Government dole out all these R-1s without checking the "Denomination"?


Brian McGrory's notion of "major news developments" is limited to new openings to rant and rave against the residents of Hingham.

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