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September 17, 2007



In the first week of October 2001 there was a prayer chanted by a preacher from a podium on Prospect Street in the Friday sermon. And this prayer (typed below) continued off and on till October 2005 in Friday sermons. It was in Arabic. The English translation is given below. What ideology allows this kind of prayer?
And at Friday noon prayer there are women and young children present also. What shade of Islam allows this?
Did not see this in the Holy Quran. Where did this preacher beam down from?
As a Muslim I am deeply offended and ashamed. Why bring it up? Just to tell this preacher that he should think for a moment what effect this would have had on young minds (if he has any human conscience).I can only pray that God guide this preacher to the path of human decency.....the path of Islam!

"Allah huma
al yehud
wal nasara.

Allah huma

Wa yatimun
atfalihim .
Ameen. Sum ameen."
"Oh Allah
the jews
. and the christians.
Oh Alla
the killing should include
their men and their women.

and make orphan their offsprings".

Amen. Sum Amen.
While my guitar gently weeps


Assam, How do you know about this?

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