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September 26, 2007



Dr O. is a surgeon at a few N. Virginia hospitals and has been practicing for many years. So you are saying he is good enough to operate on you to save your life from death but he is not good enough to sit on a committee? In due respect, your blog entries on this subject matter are quit biased.

miss kelly

Of course they're biased, it's my blog and it reflects my ideas and opinions. Dr. Omeish's explicitly stated goal that Islam should take over America is an anathema to me. We are a pluralistic society with a separation of religion and state. His support for shari'a law, which offers greater rights and protections to Muslims over non-Muslims, is also anathema to me. Sure, call me biased!

Travel Guy

How many similar blogs do you see out there that aren't biased? Thanks for your insight Kelly.

Fake ID Girl

Travelguy's right, keep on blogging Kelly!

miss kelly

Thanks for the backup, Travel Guy and Fake ID Girl. Appreciated!

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