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August 20, 2007



I was thinking all the white and colors must be from the states... I thought all those things were decreed to be black in the middle east. Could be wrong about that, but I don't really care. Can't see how women can wear them at all... they give me the willies.


1 is from Brooklyn NY

2 is from Saudi Arabia

5 is from Pakistan

Sissy Willis

Darned if I know, although those angry paysans with sticks are probably protesting at the local French embassy on accounta M. Chirac's ban on schoolgirls' wearing of the hajib.

I was intrigued to find one of my own blogposts, "To hajib or not to hajib," popping up as # 1 in a google image search for hajib:


More fascinating commentary on the subject:


Me, me, me, me, me!

miss kelly

Sissy, you are a tireless promoter! Your hypothesis about about No.5 tells me that I'll need to give this episode its very own blog. Torch of Liberty got No. 5 right. And No. 6 is related.

"Hijab" not "hajib," Skinny Minie, or was that intentional??

Sissy Willis

EGAD. And to think I was a finalist in our state spelling bee way back when. Appropriately, I went down on "colossal."

Sissy Willis

Sometimes I spell it right:

"The most unflattering headgear known to woman":




Maylasia's are the best! Pakistan's show they mean business.

Babbling Brook

I'm not certain if this blog is meant as a joke or not. Are you aware that the reason moslem women and girls are forced into this gear is because Muhamad, the warlord who founded islam, ordered that those women he and his men had captured in battle were to be designated as "wives" by covering them (so that no one else could look at his 'booty') and that those designated as sex slaves were to be uncovered because they were available for, well, rape? It's all in Bukhari. That's why that moslem 'cleric' in Australia could get away with calling Australian females 'uncovered meat': his moslems knew to what he was alluding. Did you watch Channel 4 (British TV) Dispatches program (Undercover Mosques), Jan 13, 2007 (you can watch it at Archives on www.littlegreenfootballs.com): it recorded imams at the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, England (considered to be a 'moderate' mosque!) saying: "By the age of 10 it becomes obligation on us to force her to wear this. If she doesn't, we beat her." Know why the age of 10 is significant? Because Muhamad married Aisha when she was 6 and had sex with her when she was 9 (Bukhari again and Tabari for Aisha's own testimony), so, by 10, a moslem girl is being indecent if not 'covered.' Moslem families are regularly offered large financial 'incentives' by mosques to force their females to wear this apparel. Criminals carry out crimes and attempt to avoid detection and arrest by wearing them (usually male criminals, too). Non-Moslem women in Moslem 'enclaves' in Europe (France, Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, etc) are intimidated by threats of violence into wearing them as well. In Islam a woman is considered an awrat, a 'shameful orifice' (she is one in its entirety and her body has 10 such shameful orifices as well); covering her is an indication of male disgust with her. The forcing of women into this garb is therefore, the living illustration and proof of Sharia Law which is predicated on three basic inequalities in Islam: inequality between Moslem and non-Moslem, between man and woman and between free person and slave. There, now, has all that information wiped all those smiles off your 'dhimmi' faces? I sincerely hope so because Sharia law is the only law permitted in the islamic world order and Islam's goal is precisely that. And to think I haven't even dealt with the issue of common law in all Western societies which regards the masking of the face in open society to be unacceptable.

miss kelly

Hello Babbling Brook, Thank you for the comment and the info you provided. No, this blog isn't a joke (well, I certainly hope not). You'll have to read the other entries about hijab. Part 2 coming very soon, perhaps Monday, Aug. 27.

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