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August 24, 2007



Hopefully professors of Middle Eastern studies put the Al Qaeda Reader on the syllabus for their classes.

Odds of that though. Pretty slim.

Those that do put it on the syllabus will probably face tons of criticism.

Sissy Willis

Are you trying to confuse people with facts again?

I do hope VDH is right when he says "the side that accurately understands its enemy and has confidence in its own beliefs will ultimately triumph."

Interesting related thoughts from John Derbyshire at Pajamas Media today:

"I see religious faith as an intensifier, a dispersive factor on the behavior bell curve, making good people better and bad people worse."



All we really need to understand is that they want to kill or subjugate us and our children.

Pass me some ammo, dear, and keep down.

miss kelly

Get your own ammo, Mitch!

We should all be prepared to defend self, family and home.


While I intend to get The Al Quaeda Reader, I have already done something far more important--I read through the Qur'an--the ultimate authoritative baseline for understanding the mind, heart and agenda of Islam. I urge others to do the same. The sword passages are read all over the world with YOU in mind.

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