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July 31, 2007


Sissy Willis

Creepy. Their sneakiness reminds me of the commie-inspired Gramscian invasion of last century:


Joachim Martillo

There is no ethical distinction between a Zionist and a Slaver.

By American history and precedent terrorism against Slavers and therefore also against Zionists is completely Justified. In fact the USA probably has an ethical obligation to raze the racist Jews only cities that murderous genocidal Zionist thieves and interlopers have criminal erected in Stolen and Occupied Palestine.

As for the Hijab, it is a Jewish practice. Mary O'Hayes shows her fanatic Islamophobic bigotry by focusing on Islam while she ignores the incompatibility of Jewish and American values as described in a recent article in Jewish Week by Rosenblatt. (See http://eaazi.blogspot.com/2007/07/gary-rosenblatt-noah-feldman-american.html .)

From Jewish scripture (Sifrei Numbers 11.2).

Limed al benot yisrael shehen mekhasot rosheihen.

He taught to the daughters of Israel that they must cover their heads.

In point of fact, a hijab is not so far from certain certain head coverings associated with nuns and Roman Catholicism.

Mary O'Hayes is so fanatically bigoted against Muslims that she attacks a Muslim practice not very different from traditional Catholic practices even though O'Hayes in her flaming hypocrisy claims to support Catholic tradition.


oh please. Before 9/11 did you ever see a woman in the USA walking around in a hijab? It's totally a political statement, nothing religious about it. I find it extremely offensive, being a "liberated" woman. These ignorant muslim women should go to Iran for a day; where the religious police are rounding up women who don't wear the "hijab"...and force them to do so. Living in a free country, like the US, they need to show solidarity to their "sisters" in the oppressed Islamic countries, and whip those stupid hijabs off of their heads and hold their heads high as women who believe in FREEDOM.

Joachim Martillo

Show solidarity to Muslim sisters by demanding the abolition of the genocidal racist Zionist state and the arrest and trial of racist ethnic Ashkenazi American subversive traitors who have criminally manipulated the USA into pointless confrontation with the Islamic world.

And yes, it was not uncommon for American Muslim women to wear hijabs before 9/11. Racist Zionist gatekeepers and facilitators in the media simply did not make an issue of it until Zionists needed to distract the American public from Zionist machinations that benefit the State of Israel to the detriment of the USA.

Orthodox Jewish also feel obligated religiously to cover their heads often with headcoverings not much different from a hijab.

Why no complaints shehen mekhasot rosheihen (that they cover their heads to respect Jewish religious law that is practically indistinguishable from sharia)? Because racist Ashkenazi Americans more loyal to the State of Israel than to the USA are manipulating American discourse to the harm of the USA.

We should be discussing this treason instead of wasting our time in discussing hijabs.

miss kelly

Joachim, we're not really discussing hijab, or "razing the Jews". I have nothing against women wearing hijab. I am opposed to "razing the Jews" though. Women can wear whatever they want, as long as there are no identification issues (niqab).

The point of this blog post is that Islamists are exploiting the Boston Now blog setup for their dawah. That's what I'm against. I don't want to read Islamic spam when I go to Boston Now for local news.

Joachim Martillo

There seems to be a republican Catholic blog as well under religion.

Only an Islamophobe would be upset that a Muslim wants to get his message out just as a Catholic blogger might.

In any case The David Project and its friends like to incite anti-Muslim hatred by asking questions.

Decent Americans have to give credit to those that are willing to spend the time to refute such un-American racist garbage.

miss kelly

Joachim, I assume you're referring to Lamentabile Sane (http://bostonnow.com/community/blogs/lamentabili_sane), who refers to himself as a Catholic and Republican. He writes original material and commentary on his blog, which is, after all, the whole point of a blog. He doesn't import full text articles from websites that promote Catholicism and denigrate other religions, as does the "author" of Boston Now/Ask Muslims.

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