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July 27, 2007



Incredible stuff! Great work. Rhetorical though it is, "What sort of religious leader conduct(s) himself this way?" the answer is a Muslim religious leader. A Pakistani born as a Muslim described his world growing up: "But always fresh and on guard was our ability to lie. At school, at home, or on the street. Everywhere the lie was the basis of our daily lives. If we were asked for directions, our name, what kind of work our father did, how we paid for something, if we came with the bus, if we were hungry, even if a doctor asked where it hurt; on each question you came up with a fitting lie. Not only because lying had become a second nature, but because we often had started to believe in our own lies without realizing that we lied, but also our fear to lose prestige. We depleted our family members quickly because we used their deaths as an excuse for being late. But afterwards the dead family members praised us for our ingenuity when it came to lying."

So "takiyaa," lying to infidels to advance Islam, is a piece of cake when your ingrained Muslim upbringing values clever lies more than truth.


Well done.
Your blogging is excellent.

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