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June 10, 2007



I am afraid you got it all Wrong in the picture.. and made up and entire story biased of the ISB..

I was a watcher my self and have photos with me as well.. the Flag was tied to the bottom of the Minaret and its not incorrect... its perfectly alright. My advise is not to jump on conclusions with out proper proof...


proof please. i do not want my american flag tied to the bottom of a izlamic mosque! or anywhere near one for that matter.

miss kelly

Check out the MAS photos:

The flag was even with the minaret when it was raised, but it was upside-down when the minaret was placed. Someone did that, whether intentionally or not. Either way, it was an insult to our flag.


I think you still are biased with your opinion after getting enough proof from the MAS website!
"NO ONE" climbed up the crane and hung himself to the minaret when suspended in air to change the position of the flag, rather the angle from which the photo was taken gives a false impression that its upside down. You should at the least give credit to them to have kept the flag in the first place in bringing solidarity.. with out it you would not have any substance to your blog which is based on a False assumption...

Joachim Martillo

In my pictures ( http://eaazi.blogspot.com/2007/06/mosque-rises-in-boston.html )the flag is right-side up because I took them from a different location.

I am sure that Mary O'Hayes would have found some way to dump on Muslims even if the ISB had been feeding the poor instead of capping the minaret.

As I understand flag etiquette, the American flag may be rolled under several circumstances, but there is a special procedure for folding.

I give the ISB credit for only flying the American flag unlike many Boston-area synagogues, which demonstrate subversive attitudes and dual loyalties by flying the US flag often incorrectly and subordinately to the Israeli flag.

The State of Israel has attacked US installations and ships. It has wantonly killed US citizens. It is a state that is founded on genocide and that commits it right before our eyes.

Except for the treasonous manipulation of the US political system by racist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans, the US would probably be bombing Jews-only towns and infrastructure right now in stolen and occupied Palestine in a just and principled effort to abolish a vile criminal Zionist entity, whose existence represents a unique and heinous crime against humanity.

miss kelly

Yes, for the photo above, it could be that the angle makes the flag appear upside down when it's really only suspended from the bottom. But from an AP photo taken at a later point, the flag is clearly upside down.

Again, maybe it was a mistake when they were taking the flag in. Nevertheless, that's a disturbing image to a great many Americans. And it is ironic that that image was published in the Globe. Where else will that image show up in the future?

Joachim Martillo

The flag was attached parallel to the base of cap. In the AP picture, the cap tipped about 5 degrees from horizonatal as it was being positioned on the minaret, and the camera was probably tipped by 5 degrees from horizontal in the other direction. It is only an illusion that the flag was attached to the cap upside down.

Nevertheless, I will take it as prescient that some perceived it as a distress signal. The whole affair of the Roxbury Mosque Conflict represented an attempt by a very wealthy and connected segment of ethnic Ashkenazi Americans to subvert the US constitution for the benefit of the State of Israel and ethnic Ashkenazi tribalism.

This subgroup of ethnic Ashkenazi Americans is the American component of a transnational Jabotinskian political elite that holds state power in Israel and that dominates the US government as Neoconservative policy makers in the uppermost echelons of the executive branch.

The Neoconservatives in the most generous interpretation do not distinguish US interests from Israeli interests but probably simply subordinate them to US interests.

Ethnic Ashkenazi tribalism leads most Jews, who are not Neoconservatives/Jabotinskians, either to obey or to refrain from criticizing the Neoconservatives in government as traitorous agents of the Israeli government.

Because many Americans are worried that criticism of traitorous and subversive ethnic Ashkenazi behavior may be anti-Semitic, Neoconservatives and their lackeys within amd without the Jewish community get away with their crimes against America.

Because American Jews are on the whole wealthier and better educated than other Americans, they are able to damage America far more than could be expected on the basis of their numbers.

Joachim Martillo


"The Neoconservatives in the most generous interpretation do not distinguish US interests from Israeli interests but probably simply subordinate them to US interests."

should have been

"The Neoconservatives in the most generous interpretation do not distinguish US interests from Israeli interests but probably simply subordinate them to Israeli interests."

Senator Lieberman's demand that the USA involve itself in yet another pointless was is a good example of ethnic Ashkenazi subversion.

It is in Israeli interests for the USA to attack Iran, but from the standpoint of the USA a negotiated settlement with Iran would make more sense.

We Americans have no practical, ethical or ideological reason to maintain a racist Zionist settler-colonist state in the ME. If the USA offered to dismantle Israel in exchange for Iranian abandonment of dual use nuclear technology, the Iranians might agree.

If the USA and Iran negotiated such a trade,

1. we would win (no longer wasting money on the Israeli economic sink hole),

2. the Iranians would win (a dangerous extremist genocidal adversary would cease to exist), and

3. the world would win (a major source of world stability would vanish once the native population returns to its homeland and stolen properties are returned to their rightful owners).

The Zionists would lose, but they are the enemies of American conceptions of democracy, human rights and anti-racism, and all decent human beings would celebrate their demise.


Wow, keep your hate to yourself. The flag only looks upside down due to the angle of the camera. I know you already know that, but decided it was an opportunity for you to spread the hate. As an American, I am offended by your use of this symbol of freedom for your own selfish purposes. Get over it and spread the love instead!

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