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June 09, 2007



What, no Tower of Power? I saw them live, and didn't think I could ever sit still again.

Also, you need to include Larry Graham, who basically invented funk bass. No funky bass, no funking point.

The survey didn't include "Lickin' Stick" by James Brown. How could that be?

Also missing are most of the fusion crew (although George Duke is there in the survey). More Herbie Hancock, please. "Cucumber Slumber" is most funky indeed. A little Weather Report would be fine, too, with Jaco Pastorius on the fretless bass guitar.


How could I have missed this? No one even mentioned "Fight the Power" by the Isleys. We can't even start talking about funk without that.

miss kelly

Hey, take it up with Cobb, not me! I liked Weather Report a lot too, but funk? I think not. There was discussion in the comments about funk/jazz as it own category.

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