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May 21, 2007


Joachim Martillo

Daniel Pipes's blog ( http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/115 ) is very clear that Policastro filed the first lawsuit.

Sep. 29, 2004 update: The Boston Herald reports that James C. Policastro, a Roxbury resident, filed suit yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court against the city of Boston for subsidizing the $22 million Islamic center going up in his neighborhood, the largest Islamic institution in the Northeast. He argues that, in its land deal with the center, the Boston Redevelopment Authority violated two violations of both the state and federal constitutions: it accepted a less-than-fair-market-value price for a parcel of city land and it is illegally supporting a religion.

The discovery materials that the ISB has provided show very clearly that the David Project and its friends conspired to use a combination of frivolous lawsuits and defamatory scare-mongering to prevent American citizens from exercising their democratic and constitutional rights of free assembly and unfettered practice of their religion. (See http://eaazi.blogspot.com/2007/05/emails-show-pro-israel-anti-mosque_08.html and http://eaazi.blogspot.com/2007/05/web-of-zionist-enmeshment.html, more to be published at http://eaazi.blogspot.com later this week.)

Kandil's, Abou-Allaban's, and the ISB's lawsuits represent a perfectly reasonable response of American citizens and a law-abiding religious organization to a racist legal and media attack by a criminal conspiracy of wealthy extremist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans and their non-Jewish panderers.

The proper starting point for addressing the high cost of the legal system is condemnation of the abusive practices of the organized Jewish community and not criticism of victims, who are only trying to defend themselves and who cannot afford staffs of 30 or more lawyers. In contrast, the David Project, which is backed by several extremist Zionist billionaires, employs more than 30 attorneys and paid Floyd Abrams, who is perhaps the most highly priced attorney in the USA, to argue the anti-SLAPP motion of the non-media defendants.

The need for such a costly advocate is completely understandable because of the way in which the David Project twists the American legal system.

Normally, anti-SLAPP regulations are supposed to protect ordinary American communities from wealthy predatory developers. The David Project and its friends include some of the most aggressive Boston area real estate investors. These conspirators are making a racist attack on a religious community, whose largest components consist of taxi drivers, construction workers and African American Muslims, who live in Roxbury.

I am unable to comprehend how anyone can take seriously the whining of the David Project and its friends.

solomon chase

Good point on McDermott. I forgot about him.

Kobayashi Maru

Yes, it's shameful this has not gotten more attention. Which begs the question: why?

Here's a hypothesis by way of a little imaginary "could never possibly happen in a million years" story:

James Dobson or Pat Robertson or (pick your favorite right-leaning evangelical) comes to Boston, places key people in the BRA, scores a sweet land deal and builds a massive and very conservative church right in the heart of the city. A few lonely cranks in the press and left-leaning blosophere raise questions over the legitimacy of their board and their financial ties to Republicans in Texas and South Carolina. The church finally slaps lawsuits on anyone who gets too close.

Now here's the really funny part: The local liberal establishment looks on benignly, even supporting and protecting Msrs. Dobson and Robertson and the new church as they preach against many of the things liberals supposedly hold dear in this state.

Which is all to say: there's a double standard going on here that has everything to do with muslims being a "special" group in the minds of many liberals.

Joachim Martillo

The Boston Redevelopment Authority is mandated to make city properties available (often at reduced prices) to city organizations if such a transfer will benefit the local community.

The city organization may be religious. Christian and Jewish groups have routinely made use of such transfers of properties and other similar benefits.

The Supreme Court has consistently upheld such transfers as long as they do not directly result in an additional tax levy.

The Jewish community has routinely made use of such benefits for the Vilna Shul, the Holocaust Memorial, and most recently for a Boston-area Solomon Schechter Day School.

Extremist racists and fanatic Israel supporters in the organized Jewish Community are panicked and outraged that Muslim American citizens might make the same use of American citizenship that Jews and Christians do.

The David Project is terrorifed that Muslim American citizens might fully exercize their rights as citizens and open up a debate whether the US should continue to support the State of Israel despite American principles of supporting democracy, human rights and anti-racism.

Thus the David Project and its racist friends and panderers are trying to make a pre-emptive strike against Boston Muslims and impose the rule that the organized Jewish community should decide what exactly is an "acceptable" form of Islam.

The idea is completely un-American, subversive and probably treasonous because the primary loyalty of Charles Jacobs and his friends lies with Israel and not with the USA.

These fanatic racist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans will not stop with Islam. They will also attempt to arrogate to themselves the right to determine what forms of Christianity, Judaism, and other religions are acceptable.

All true and patriotic Americans as well as sincere Christians and Jews must reject and condemn the David Project and its supporters categorically.

As for the Robertson or Dobson example above, the BRA would transgress its mandate to transfer property to their groups unless there is a significant local Boston community that are associated with either Robertson or Dobson.

miss kelly

Joachim/Thors, you seem very troubled by "ethnic Ashkenazis." Please tell me more about this group of people. Who are they and why are you so critical of them?

Joachim Martillo


How to talk about Zionism, a new improved guide

While Israeli law is generally phrased with the use of the terms Jew or Jewish people,(*) Zionism is almost wholly a production of ethnic Ashkenazim.(**) Polish or Russian Jews of Tatar/Turkic, Persian or Georgian ethnicity were not involved in the development of Zionist ideology and generally have not gotten along particularly well with ethnic Ashkenazim even if in recent times racist ethnic Ashkenazim have managed to co-opt, recruit and enmesh Jews of other ethnicities into Zionist crimes.

The point is important because Zionist propaganda reinterprets the Ashkenazi ethnic group as the pan-Judaic ethnonational group in order to make a ridiculous primordialist claim to Palestine just as German Nazi propaganda equated modern Germans to ancient Teutonic and Gothic tribes in order to claim that only pure Germans had a right to reside in German territories. Neither primordialist claim has a shred of truth, but it is worthwhile to remember that the basic ideas of both German Nazi and also Zionist primordialism developed together in the common fields of Central and Eastern European blood and soil nationalism. The poisonous weeds of German Nazism and Zionism cross fertilized each other.

Modern Germans probably have more Celtic, Slavic and Turkic ancestry than they have ancient Teutonic or ancient Gothic ancestry.

Ethnic Ashkenazim have no ancestral connection to Palestine. The culture, language and religion of Roman period Palestinian Galileans, Judeans and Idumeans were completely unlike those of modern ethnic Ashkenazim.

Progressives should not give any legitimacy to Zionist (really ethnic Ashkenazi Nazi) terminology by using the racist language of Zionism. In 1948 racist ethnic Ashkenazim stole Palestine with concommittant plundering and ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinian population. Today, racist ethnic Ashkenazim and racist Zionist colonizers manipulate the US political system to the detriment of the USA for the sake of Israel. These racists squander American wealth and lives to the benefit of their racist tribalism.

Avoiding the terms Jew, Jewish, Judaism etc. provides many benefits.

Ignorant Christians often believe that because the foregoing terms have some sort of etymological relationship to Judea, Jews have some sort of overriding right to claim Palestine. The idea is moronic because the use of the term Roman in Roman Catholic certainly does not give Roman Catholic Irish the right to steal Rome from the residents of Rome.

Furthermore, when people argue that all decent people should criticize, oppose and denounce racist Jews for what they do (stealing Palestine or supporting the theft of Palestine), many worry that such criticism comes too close to criticizing Jews for being Jews, which is a bad thing. When people argue that all decent people should criticize racist Ashkenazim and racist Zionist colonizers for what they do (stealing Palestine or supporting the theft of Palestine), there is no difference between such criticism and the criticism of German racists during the 30s and 40s for ethnic cleansing, invading Poland, and mass murdering. Most people consider criticism of German racists and German Nazis at that time period to have been a good thing. Likewise today criticizing ethnic Ashkenazi racists and Zionist colonizers is also a good thing. Everyone should do it (especially antiracist ethnic Ashkenazim, who can neutralize bogus accusations of anti-Semitism by taking the vanguard position in demanding the abolition of the State of Israel and the eradication of Zionism/ethnic Ashkenazi Nazism).

(*) In a similar fashion German Nazi law was usually phrased with the use of the terms Aryan or Aryan race. Modern Israeli Hebrew does not make a distinction between people or race, and the words used correspond best to German Volk.

(**) Likewise German Nazism was almost wholly a production of ethnic Germans and not every group that the German Nazis defined to be Aryans. Houston Stewart Chamberlain is one of those few non-Germans (actually half Germans) that made a fairly large contribution to German Nazi thinking. The Polish nationalist poet Mickiewicz made some similar and early contributions to Zionist thinking among ethnic Ashkenazim. Just as Chamberlain had some German ancestry, Mickiewicz had some ethnic Ashkenazi ancestry, but it is not hard to find cases of wholly non-German individuals that supported German Nazism as well as wholly non-Jewish people that support Zionism. During the 30s German Nazis that sympathized with Zionism and Zionists that sympathized with German Nazism were not uncommon.

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