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April 25, 2007


Sissy Willis

Excellent analysis. :-)

miss kelly

And they didn't even boot anybody off last night! So disappointing!


Thanks for the review. Blake is probably not even aware of the message this song is sending. Alot of people belive this is a rally for world peace, but unfortunately do not understand the implications of the message as a whole. John Lennon was NOT a peace activist, he was as self-centered as they come. He wrote a song called God where he proclaimed not to believe in the bible or Jesus or a whole lot of other things that would shock most people if they read the lyrics. What a disappointing show that a song such as this, with a bad delivery to boot, gets such high praise from the judges for 'sincerity'. I had to explain a bit of this to my children and they lost a bit of respect for Blake. Hope he understands what he's putting out there.



Oh, and thank God for Bono who answered Lennon's God with God, part II.

I hope Bono speaks with Blake about what 'Imagine' really is / is not.

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