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March 25, 2007



Thanks for an important post

Sissy Willis

I feel bad for the stones. Did anyone ask them?


there is something i need to learn of stoning, why it was at moses time ok to stone
some one, or was it not by god
and it says gods
words will never change,


I find it intriguing that, with stoning being such a popular punishment, especially for adulterous women, that anyone of th time would genuinely have accepted that Mary conceived "miraculously".

Can anyone truly imagine what would happen, even today, in a fundamentalist society, if any woman were to become inexplicably pregnant?

When you consider women are murdered for simply talking to a strange man, I don't think the miracle defence would stand a chance. It's incredibly difficult to accept anyone would have listened over 2000 years ago.


The only problem regarding donating to Amnesty International is their change of policy regarding abortion some years ago, which opposes the teachings of the Church, so it would be advisable to donate to other NGOs whose policy does not oppose the right to life of the unborn


Excellent point, Nicolas, thanks for that comment.

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