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March 22, 2007


Former Bostonian

You wrote:

>>One wonders how much this leadership and ideology reflects "ordinary" Muslims in Massachusetts. Or are they self-appointed leaders who simply saw the opportunity to take over and implement their conservative brand of Islamic thinking? Pious or power-hungry?<<

They are self appointed and organized and funded such that a regular person can't fight them or get in edgewise. With the exception of Abdullah Farooq, who is an outsider for the most part as well. (Salwa Abdullah is his wife). The thing you linked to has nothing to do with him; just another case of a Muslim with the same name (or in this case, they have two names in common, but reversed). No offense, but you really need to be careful about this thing, especially when it is so obvious or only requires a little research to confirm. I've seen this mistake or misunderstanding about names on your blog a few times now and it puts a dent in your authority.

Non MAS affiliated Muslims and their friends looked on with dismay in 2004-7 as MAS steadily worked their way into the schools (in Sharon and Mansfield), starting buying homes in Mansfield to 'settle' a community there, and took over ISBCC.

Another aspect is the economic and social disempowerment of other Muslims in the area. They don't have the funding, or they are very small or young or their constituency is mainly poor immigrants with very compelling needs other than sitting on the board at IANE. MAS doesn't have these issues simply because they forcibly grow themselves and don't give a hoot about poor Muslims in their own community.

I threw my hands up and left Boston. I was sick of seeing MAS worm their way into every single activity they could, and if they couldn't, then they did their best to *not* support something or get it shut down. I think this is a reason too why a lot of Muslim students leave Boston when they graduate. A lot of the student population is a lot more liberal than MAS et al.

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